If you’ve been on social media or anywhere on the Internet for the last year or so you will probably know that grey and silver hair is very in now. Yeah, people are actually clamoring to go grey, rather than cover it up! I must admit, I really wanted to try the trend myself but was kind of afraid that I would look way older and regret it. But then I found out I could try it out without any commitment! And here is where Roux Fanci-Full Rinse and Mousse comes in!

Roux Fanci-Full Rinse and Mousse are two different temporary ways to try the “granny grey” trend without worrying about long-term results. And did you know that Roux Fanci-Full Rinse is the #1 temporary hair care in the professional beauty industry? You learn something new every day. Roux also makes a really nice Anti-Aging Keratin Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Serum Leave-In Treatment if you are so inclined.




Roux Fanci-Full Rinse (SRP $6.19 to $6.79) temporary hair color keeps colored hair looking its best between color treatments. It evens tones and removes brassiness as it blends away grey—when you want to. It comes ready to use and super gentle, as it requires no activator, peroxide or mixing. Try True Steel for a deeper grey and to blend and cover white strands; Silver Lining for a blended, foxy finish; White Minx to brighten your existing grey or white hair; or Ultra White Minx to even out salt and pepper tones.

This is a great option for those who want to color their hair without all the mess and hassle of an activator or having to wait, then shampoo out.


Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse (SRP $9.49 to $10.49) features beautiful color combined with conditioning texturizers that help you style in volume with control. It imparts rich, even color that shampoos out, so you can try a new shade as often as you’d like. The easy-to-use creamy whipped foam applies just like a styling mousse, so you can color and style in one step. Try White Minx to brighten existing grey, white or silver strands.

For those who want to color their hair while also styling it, the Fanci-Fill Mousse is the way to go. Also, I must say, this is easier and quicker for those who are on the lazier side (like me).


Here are the two Fanci-Full Mousse colors I tried. My favorite was Spun Sand, which is a little more cool-toned on me than Bashful Blonde was, though both cancel out any yellow/warmth in my hair pretty well.

What I like is that you just use it like any regular mousse. Just put a large golf-ball-sized amount in your hands, distribute throughout your hair and blow dry. Just like that your hair is a different tone and/or color!

Roux Before-After Fanci-Full Rinse

Before and after: Silver Lining Fanci-Full Rinse

Above is hairdresser DJ Victory before and then after she used Silver Lining Fanci-Full Rinse.

My Hair Roux Fanci-Ful Mousse

Before and after: Spun Sand Fanci-Full Mousse

Here is me with my normal hair color on the left (this was taken 2 months ago, so my hair color was different than it is now) and then on the right is after I used Spun Sand Fanci-Full Mousse. Even though these are just iPhone 6 photos, you can definitely see the yellow and warmth was cut from my hair and with the mousse it’s a nice cool-toned beige shade.


This photo shows you my most recent hair color from the salon, which I had done about 3 weeks ago. On the left is my hair after having my roots touched up and then a silver/grey put on top. The middle shot shows my hair about 5-6 washes later, still cool-toned and beige, but most of the silver/grey is gone. Finally the shot on the right shows me about 8-9 washes later and it’s already looking warmer, more yellow, and losing that cool beige/silver tone. My point in showing this is that paying a ton of money to have this done at a salon isn’t necessarily the smart choice. I could just use the mousse and get that color and tone I want instead of paying tons at the salon for results that wash out in a week or two!

And now for the fun stuff!

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3,000 LVBag-IMG_5252

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You can find Roux (and get coupons!) at Sally Beauty Stores and on their Facebook page.



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Written by Kelly
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