Cirque Colors x Nordstrom Warby Parker Collection

Here for a very limited time at certain Nordstrom Pop-Up Shops is the Cirque Colors x Nordstrom Warby Parker Collection!

This collection of five shades was inspired by the eyeglass designer Warby Parker’s signature hues which include a lot of blues and grays. They are named after literary references, because the company is very much into literature.

The collection is only available from August 7th to September 6th so you gotta move fast if you want them!


Cirque Colors x Nordstrom Warby Parker Collection-2

Cirque Colors City Lights

City Lights

City Lights is a pale grey/white with holographic shimmer. I like this one because I don’t have very many, if any, pale grey shades with holo shimmer. This was two coats.

Cirque Colors Big Sur

Big Sur

Big Sur is a bright cyan blue with pink shimmer. Stunning! The blue is bright and intense, and the pink shimmer makes it utterly magical. This was two coats but if you have ridges like me, make sure to use a ridge-filling base coat.

Cirque Colors Fear and Loathing in New York

Fear and Loathing in New York

Fear and Loathing in New York is a slate grey with holographic shimmer. I completely fell in love with this one, which I wasn’t expecting. I love this particular shade of grey and it’s so shimmery and perfect! This has the best formula of all for me, it was perfectly smooth with two coats.

Cirque Colors Greenwich


Greenwich is a light blue with gold flakes. This is a very unique shade and I definitely don’t have another one just like it. The pale blue mixed with the gold flake shimmer is so pretty! It is on the more subdued side though, I kind of wish the gold flakes were more intense. This was two coats.

Cirque Colors Iconoclast


Iconoclast is a black and white glitter with holographic shimmer and a clear base. This is a fun black and white glitter top coat with a small amount of holo shimmer thrown in for good measure. This is two coats over Big Sur.

Cirque Colors x Nordstrom Warby Parker Collection

I really like all the colors here but Big Sur and Fear and Loathing in New York, for me, were the stand-out shades. I feel like any lover of blue simply MUST have Big Sur!

These will be available starting August 7th for $13.00 each at and the following Nordstrom locations: Downtown Seattle, WA, Bellevue Square, WA, The Grove, CA, San Francisco Centre, CA, Tyson’s Corner Center, VA and NorthPark Center, TX.

Which are your favorites?


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Written by Kelly
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