Formula X Glory

Formula X Special Effects Top Coat in Glory is a new, limited edition glitter-bomb perfect for the Fourth of July!

Now you probably know by now I am not really one for glitter nail polishes, I find them mostly highly annoying. But for some reason I cannot seem to resist glitters that include stars, and something about the red, silver and blue really appealed to me. Then I saw the whole “limited edition” thing, which somehow made me feel like I must urgently purchase it. I am such a sucker!

Formula X Glory-2

Glory ($12.50)

Formula X Glory Special Effects Top Coat

Glory has a clear base and includes star shaped metallic silver and red glitter as well as various sized and shaped matte blue glitter pieces. It’s kind of a sticky, thick beast to work with though. As you can see, my middle finger is a nightmare with too many pieces of glitter lying on top of one another. But the other fingers I was more careful with, and I dabbed it on rather than brushed it on, which helps. It’s definitely very “AMERICA” which I kind of enjoy every now and then.

You can find Glory at Sephora only and it’s limited edition.

Fourth of July

If you are in the US, I hope you have a very happy Fourth of July weekend! Be safe and eat delicious BBQ’d foods!


Written by Kelly
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