Erin Condren Rose Gold Life Planner

So last year I caught the Erin Condren fever and reviewed my first Life Planner. Now I have the new limited edition Rose Gold Life Planner for 2015/2016!

As you probably know, I’m a sucker for anything rose gold colored and yes, I wanted the planner simply because of that. I didn’t need it as the one I currently have goes through the end of 2015, but I WANTED it. But there was another actual real reason I got it – it now comes in a horizontal weekly layout! Before there was only the vertical option, which was fine with me actually, but I like the horizontal one because there is more room for writing.

You can order it either for the remaining months of 2015 and 2016, or get it just for 2016.

Erin Condren Rose Gold Life Planner-2

Right now it comes with the front and back covers you see here which include rose gold lettering and a pattern on the back. Of course you can order different covers if you wish though. I think I saw that she’s coming out with some new rose gold covers soon, but maybe I just dreamt that. 🙂

Erin Condren Rose Gold Life Planner-5

Here is what the horizontal weekly layout looks like. More room to write and it’s not blocked into “Morning, Day, Night” boxes anymore. There is a little side box for other things plus a notes section at the bottom of each page. I added the anchor sticker to the side trying to play around with how I want to decorate it.

Erin Condren Rose Gold Life Planner-3

New vertical layout


Horizontal layout

The differences between the horizontal and vertical planners include more than the writing area. The horizontal one is a little more playful and includes various colored dots running down the side of the left page as well as an ombre effect in the morning, day, night areas. The vertical one is more streamlined looking. It does have a colorful ombre design at the very top of the page and then there is a color block between each day as well. The horizontal one looks more “professional” and less playful than the vertical one does.

Erin Condren Rose Gold Life Planner-4

I also added the Snap-In To-Do List ($4.00) which has colorful polka dots on one side and then lines on the backside for writing. But it’s reversible so you can use it in either direction.

Erin Condren Rose Gold Life Planner-6

As with the vertical layout you get a view of the entire month before each week for that month begins.

Erin Condren Rose Gold Life Planner-8

And it includes a bunch of pre-printed stickers in the back as well as some blank ones.

Erin Condren Rose Gold Life Planner-9

Also in the back you get a double-sided folder for loose papers and a plastic zipped area for storing other small items, stickers, etc.

Erin Condren Large Notebook-1

I also decided to get a large notebook with my order because I had my eye on them for awhile. The one I chose is the “Prism” Keep It Simple Notebook and the size is 8.5″ x 11″ ($27.00). The pattern on the front and back of this is the same as the pattern running across the top of the pages in the vertical layout, which is why I chose it. Then I chose the colors I wanted and added my name. There are 132 lined pages in this one as well as 21 blank pages in the back.

Erin Condren Large Notebook

Each page features a different color block on the top and a matching colored asterisk thingie in the bottom right corner. It comes with a plastic ruler/divider.

Erin Condren Large Notebook-2

In the back there are some blank pages included.

Erin Condren Large Notebook-3

You also get a page of colorful unlabeled stickers.

Erin Condren Large Notebook-4

Same as with the planners, you get a double-sided folder and a plastic zip pouch.

Erin Condren Accessories

I also decided to order a bunch of stickers so I got the Sticker Book Classic ($15.00) as well as the Designer Sheets ($13.00) in Classic, Summer and Winter/Holiday. I also decided to pick up the Party Pops Markers ($10.00) which are fine-tip pens in 6 different colors.

Erin Condren Stickers-2

Some of the stickers from the Sticker Book Classic.

Erin Condren Stickers

More stickers from Sticker Book Classic.

So there you have it! Now the hardest part for me is deciding if I want to continue using my older planner in the vertical layout for the rest of this year or dive right into the Rose Gold one! Also I have to decorate it and it’s actually more challenging with the horizontal layout because there aren’t really clear blocks that stickers fit into. But I’m sure now that this version is out, the stationary people will start customizing stickers just for this layout and it will make things easier.

Now for the fun part – shopping! If you want a $10.00 coupon on your first purchase, please use my referral link.

Are you an Erin Condren user yet? What is your planner of choice?


Written by Kelly
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