Blackheart Beauty Nail Polish


Today I’ve got some shades from Blackheart Beauty Nail Polish, which can be found at Hot Topic stores. I reviewed some other shades from them awhile back and here are four more!

As you probably already surmised, a huge part of why I even bought any of these is because of the gorgeous glass skull bottle they come in. I mean this is definitely by far and away my favorite bottle shape from any brand. But these colors also totally got me, so it wasn’t all for the packaging.

Blackheart Beauty-2

The lame thing about these is that they have super generic names. You would think with a cool-ass skull bottles they would come up with awesome names, but no.

Blackheart Beauty AB Shimmer

AB Shimmer

AB Shimmer is a lavender metallic with heavy gold and green shimmer. This one is on the slightly more sheer side so I used three thin coats.

Blackheart Beauty Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet is an intense purple with heavy blue shimmer. Gorgeous!!! I am completely mad about this one. This was two thin coats. Sorry for the slightly blurry photo, none of these ones came out great for some reason.

Blackheart Beauty Green Yellow Shimmer

Green Yellow Shimmer

Green Yellow Shimmer (wow, now THAT is original) is a super pigmented emerald green with yellow shimmer. This one is so pigmented and amazing it only requires one coat!

Blackheart Beauty Deep Burgundy

Deep Burgundy

Deep Burgundy is a very dark and vampy burgundy shimmer. It’s super glow-y and shimmery and I love it. Great fall shade.

Blackheart Beauty Collage

Check out Hot Topic for more info. These are $5.00 each.

See any here you like?


Written by Kelly
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