Zoya Island Fun

Zoya Island Fun is the creamy side of the summer 2015 offerings from the always 5-free, cruelty-free brand.

Island Fun features six new cream shades sure to make you think of flowers, warmth, water and beautiful exotic islands. Sidenote: These summer collections are killing me. I need a vacation SO BADLY and am dying to just sit on a beach, swim and read for 10 days straight. Le sigh.

Zoya Nana


Nana is a deep fuchsia pink. This had a good formula and covered in two coats.

Zoya Demetria


Demetria is a vivid poppy orange. Pretty shade and it covered in two coats.

Zoya Jace


Jace is a tropical green. This was a little on the watery side and it took three thin coats to cover. Nice green color though.

Zoya Cecilia


Cecilia is a green/blue teal. This is a gorgeous color and it covered in two coats.

Zoya Talia


Talia is a turquoise blue. Another one that covered in two coats.

Zoya Serenity


Serenity is a bright purple. Pretty purple and again, nice formula and just two coats.

Zoya Island Fun

I’m not completely blown away by anything here but I do like most the colors (Cecilia and Serenity especially). Creams aren’t always that unique or groundbreaking but I feel like Jace and Cecilia are the most unique colors here. I don’t have many greens or teals in those shades.

You can find these on the Zoya site and they are $9.00.

What do you see here that you’re loving?


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Written by Kelly
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