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Happy Monday morning everyone! I hope you had a great weekend!

As most of you know I try and always put on my blog posts if a brand is cruelty free or not. Lately this is becoming harder and harder to keep up with because companies keep changing and I don’t have time to keep investigating. Many companies are now selling in China and other countries where animal testing is required by law, and I am not always up-to-date on what’s going on. Also people have different definitions of cruelty free. Some believe if a company (say OPI) is owned by a non-cruelty free company (say Coty) that means they aren’t cruelty free. Whereas others are ok with OPI being owned by Coty as long as they remain cruelty free themselves.

I don’t want to put down the wrong information in my posts and I feel like I cannot keep up with what is truly cruelty free or not anymore. Therefore going forward I may not be putting this info on my blog posts. But I definitely don’t want to leave you hanging so I wanted to direct you to some really great bloggers who are cruelty free and always keep up-to-date with what’s going on. They are FAR better and more accurate at this than I am! They are:

My Beauty Bunny – Jen is the first cruelty free beauty blog I ever came across and she is a great resource! She has many lists on her blog that are easy to refer to.

Logical Harmony  Tashina is both cruelty free and vegan and keeps very current with what’s going on with companies. She dives deep into what companies are really saying when they claim a CF and/or vegan status.

Phyrra – Courtney features a lot of indie and smaller companies who are cruelty free and is a great resource for bright and bold colors of makeup, as well as everything else!

These are the ladies I actually rely on when I am trying to find out if a brand is CF or not. So I highly suggest you check them out as well if you have any questions about your favorite brands.

See you soon!


Written by Kelly
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