LVX Spring 2015 Collection

The LVX Spring 2015 Collection was announced during New York Fashion Week recently, and I’ve got swatches for you this afternoon.

This collection of six new shades includes a couple cremes and a few shimmery, glowy “must-have” colors (in my humble opinion.) For me the formula with the cremes wasn’t all that great. They required 2-3 coats and still weren’t completely even. The shimmers though applied like butter, and were just two coats. Love!

LVX Haze


Haze is a greyish lilac shimmer. I wasn’t all that excited about this one in the bottle but once I applied it I changed my mind. I love this odd shade and the shimmer is a very pretty silvery/pale blue. This was two coats.

LVX Voyage


Voyage is a bright pink creme. I only used two coats here and as you can clearly see, it was rather uneven on me. I think three coats would be best for this one.

LVX Turkoise


Turkoise (yes that is the spelling they use) is a vivid turquoise green creme. Somehow this photo is really washed out looking but this is a really pretty shade. It did have some unevenness though, so I used three coats here.

LVX Camo


Camo is a deep khaki green/brown/grey with intense red and orange shimmer. Oh yes folks this is THE one to get if you can only get one. This is such a unique shade and it looks like glowing embers or something. The formula was fabulous as well. This was two coats.

LVX Fuchsia


Fuchsia is an intense bright pink with heavy purple/blue shimmer. Another really beautiful shade that I am mesmerized by. Great formula and just two coats.

LVX Noir


Noir is a black with lots of multi-colored fine shimmer. I like this shade and it had a really good formula (two coats) but it’s not all that unique.

LVX Spring 2015 Collection

For me Camo, Haze and Fuchsia are the ones that really captured my heart. The formula was really good with all of those ones, and they are just so shimmery and beautiful to look at. I think Camo and Haze are the most unique shades here and even though these are on the more expensive side, they are well worth it!

You can find these on the LVX site and they are $16.00 each.

Which are your faves here?


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Written by Kelly
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