JulieG Candy Shoppe Colors

JulieG Candy Shoppe Colors have arrived!

This new, limited edition collection by Jessie’s Girl/JulieG features nine shades with a new “jelly bean” finish. What the heck is that you might wonder. Ok so you know how jelly beans have a slightly waxy, satin-like sheen to them? These are like that. They aren’t shiny or completely matte. They look kind of waxy/rubbery to me.

The formula itself applies like a jelly more-so than a creme. They are on the sheer side and you can build them up with more coats. I used either two or three coats for these swatches depending on the color. Some seemed more opaque and some more sheer. I didn’t use a base coat so some look a bit uneven because of my nail ridges. They probably come out nicer with a ridge-filling base coat if you suffer from that issue like I do.

JulieG Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop is a bright yellow. Of all the colors this was the hardest to get even, as is fairly typical for yellow shades. This was three coats.

JulieG Pixi Stick

Pixi Stick

Pixi Stick is a bright pink. This applied perfectly with just two coats.

JulieG Candy Shop

Candy Shop

Candy Shop is a bright orange. This one also applied really beautifully with two coats.

JulieG Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry is a bright red. Another one with a really great formula and just two coats.

JulieG Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is a bright sky blue. This was more watery/sheer than the previous ones so I needed three thin coats.

JulieG Sour Apple

Sour Apple

Sour Apple is a bright green. This too had a very thin formula so I used three thin coats.

JulieG Sour Grape

Sour Grape

Sour Grape is a bright purple. This was two coats.

JulieG Lolli Pop

Lolli Pop

Lolli Pop is a deep purple/magenta. This was two coats.

JulieG Licorice Twist

Licorice Twist

Licorice Twist is a black and this was perfect with just two coats.

JulieG Candy Shoppe Colors

So you can see what I mean about the finish, right? It’s not matte, not shiny, not satin but different looking, which I like. I love the whole candy shop theme and the names go perfectly with each one. My personal favorites are Candy Shop, Sour Apple and Licorice Twist.

These are available online right now and soon at Rite Aid stores and they are $3.99 each.

Which ones are you into? Do you like this finish?


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Written by Kelly
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