Zoya Naturel Satins for 2015

Zoya Naturel Satins Transitional is a new collection comprised of six soft, neutral shades.

This collection is meant to be a transition collection between winter and spring. A palette cleanser of a sort perhaps? The shades have a low-sheen satin-like finish and aren’t totally flat like a matte, but not super glossy like a regular polish. They are meant to be full coverage and they covered great for me with just two thin coats.

I love soft shades like this, especially when they have an interesting finish. I had heard some bad things about the formula so I was a little unsure how these would turn out on me since I have bad ridges on some nails. I am very happy to report I didn’t have a single issue with any of the colors. The formula was completely smooth, even and opaque on me. Yay!

Zoya Ana


Ana is a pale almond shade. I really love this shade for some reason! It just looks so clean and nice on the nails.

Zoya Leah


Leah is a pale taupe/lavender. This is a cool color because of the lavender hue it has.

Zoya Brittany


Brittany is a rose mauve shade. Not my personal favorite because I am not into mauve, but it has a good formula.

Zoya Rowan


Rowan is a light taupe. Pretty pale taupe!

Zoya Sage


Sage is a sage green. I love this color so much but it did give me lobster hands a bit.

Zoya Tove


Tove is a slate grey. Gorgeous grey, loving this one.

Zoya Naturel Satins for 2015

Overall I really like these. I think the colors are really pretty and I love the satin finish. The formula worked out perfectly for me so I am a fan.

You can find these on the Zoya site now and they are $9.00 each.

Which are your favorite colors?


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Written by Kelly
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