Wet n Wild Coverall Correcting Palette

The Wet n Wild Coverall Correcting Palette is a new product that I’ve been playing around with a bit lately.

This palette (please ignore the misspelled word on the actual packaging, they are aware of it and are correcting it. Get it?) features four shades which are supposed to help correct your complexion.

Purple and yellow are opposites on the color wheel which means you can use the yellow to help cancel out any purple undereye spots (or bruises) and if you have any yellow areas, use the purple. Green and red are also opposites so you can use the green to help cover up pimples, blemishes, etc. Then we have the white shade, which can be used as a brightener for whatever area you want to brighten up.

Wet n Wild Coverall Correcting Palette-2

Wet n Wild Coverall Correcting Palette Swatches

I like the consistency of these a lot. They aren’t so thin that you feel like they aren’t doing anything, but also aren’t super thick so they don’t feel heavy or settle into lines too much. Now I happen to have dark circles (and let’s not talk about the huge bags) under my eyes so I like using the yellow one to help cancel them out. I like that they seem to play nicely with other concealers as well. So I can use the yellow one to help cover the dark areas then another concealer on top and it works well. When I set it with a light dusting of powder I don’t get too much settling into fine lines. There is some settling, but if I pat it out with a finger, it’s not that big of a deal. I haven’t had any red areas to use the green on yet and the white highlighter honestly kind of scares me! At least around the eye area.

This will be available at all mass market retailers starting in February and it’s $3.99.

Are you interested in these types of concealer wheels or prefer straight-up concealer?


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Written by Kelly
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