Liquid Palisade

If you are following any number of Instagram nail accounts you have probably heard of Liquid Palisade by now. I actually heard about it maybe 4 years ago when it first came out (I believe.) Back then I tried it out but really didn’t like it so I never reviewed it. Now that it’s suddenly back on the scene and I have slightly more patience for nail art, I decided to try it out again.

Basically what this is is liquid latex. When you paint it on, it creates a barrier to keep cuticles clean, create a french manicure or create any kind of nail art. It comes in a tube with a very fine-point brush, which is easy-ish to use. You paint it on wet, then it dries and you just peel it off. Seems simple right? It’s not quite as simple as all that but it isn’t really that hard to use. It just takes some practice for nail art novices like myself.

Liquid Palisade-2

I decided to try my hand at it with a simple nail art look. I actually think it’s much easier to clean up around my cuticles with a brush dipped in remover rather than paint this on. Then again I don’t usually have much clean-up to do since I have practiced painting them so much!

Liquid Palisade Mani

The first step was to paint on my base colors and let them dry. I sped up the drying process by using a quick-dry top coat.

Liquid Palisade Mani-2

The next step was to paint on Liquid Palisade. Remember, this is my first actual attempt to use this so yeah, it looks a little messy. I find that the wand is a little long for my tastes. I usually prefer shorter handles because I can control them better. I just made a diagonal line across my pointer, a straight (ish) line across my middle finger and horizontal line across my pinky finger and then I filled in the whole tip. When it applies it goes on light pink.

Liquid Palisade Mani-3

The next step was to paint the second color onto my nails, which got a little messy as you can see. Then you wait just a couple minutes and the Liquid Palisade starts to dry. On the nail it turns sheer and on the skin it turns a dark pink and that’s when you know you can pull it off. The best way to do this is by using tweezers. This can be kind of tricky and takes a few times to master. But what I do like is once you have it, it really does pull off easily and very cleanly. It’s like a rubbery, stretchy string texture.

Liquid Palisade Mani-4

This is the final look after pulling off the Liquid Palisade and cleaning up. You can see everything is nice and clean, even though none of my lines are straight because I don’t quite have the hang of painting it on straight yet. One thing to note is that once it’s dry you can actually shape it on your nail by gently pushing it around. I didn’t try that but I may next time.

Liquid Palisade Manicure

I think this is a neat product but there is definitely a learning curve with it, especially if you aren’t great with nail art (like me.) I do plan on playing around with it more to see if it gets easier to use, which I think it probably does.

Note: If you have any skin or latex allergies you will not want to use this!

You can find this at Kiesque and it’s $22.00 for 0.3 oz (about 50 manicures worth.)

Is this something you want to try out?


Note: Undetermined if cruelty free

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Written by Kelly
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