Formula X for Sephora The Sea Glass Collection

Formula X by Sephora The Sea Glass Collection is brand new and consists of five new textured shades.

This collection is marine inspired in both color and finish. These shades feature a new micro-glitter finish which is actually volcanic micro-glass particles infused with a brushed matte formula. They have “a smooth, windblown texture that’s ultra-soft and evocative of glistening sea glass.” Or so they say. They do have a nice glittery matte finish and the texture feel is very minimal. They look more textured than they actually feel, if that makes sense. Like other textured and/or matte shades, they are made to be worn without a top coat, they dry pretty quickly and I only needed two coats.

The one shade I didn’t purchase because it didn’t look that interesting is called Starfish, and it’s a light peachy pink shade.

Formula X for Sephora The Sea Glass Collection-2

$12.50 each

Formula X for Sephora Whirlpool


 Whirlpool is a lavender/grey shade.

Formula X for Sephora Marine


 Marine is a bright blue-based teal.

Formula X for Sephora Tide


 Tide is a bright blue/violet.

Formula X for Sephora Deep End

Deep End

 Deep End is a blackened charcoal.

Formula X for Sephora The Sea Glass Collection

I’m pretty pleased with these. I did expect them to have more of that classic gritty textured feel but they don’t – and that’s fine with me. I bought them because I liked the colors and shimmer and they don’t disappoint in that area. My favorite two are probably Marine and Tide because they are the richest, brightest shades.

You can find these exclusively at Sephora now.

See anything here you will be stopping by Sephora to pick up?


Note: Not cruelty free

Written by Kelly
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