Cover Girl Bombshell by Lashblast Curvaceous Mascara

I bought the Cover Girl Bombshell Curvaceous by Lashblast Mascara about 6 months ago and completely forgot to do a review of it. So here we are.

This is a curling mascara that comes in just one shade (Very Black) and has a two-step process. The first step is to apply the extreme volume mascara base coat (step 1). Next you apply the intensifying top coat (step 2) over it which adds more volume and thickness. You can add a second coat of that if you wish.

Even though this is technically a curling mascara I still used a curler before using it. Habit I guess. 😉

Cover Girl Bombshell by Lashblast Curvaceous Mascara-2

Step 1

Cover Girl Bombshell by Lashblast Curvaceous Mascara-3

Step 2

Cover Girl Bombshell by Lashblast Curvaceous Mascara Swatch

Final result

First off, please ignore my completely thrashed eyebrows. They are JACKED right now.

As you can probably see, this did a nice job of adding lots of length and some volume to my lashes. I was particularly impressed with the length it gave me. It can get a little on the clumped side if you go too crazy with a second coat. It lasted me all day with no flaking off at all. The one thing to note is that you will need a good eye makeup remover to get it off because it tends to be on the more difficult side to remove.

I am not completely in love with the packaging because the tube is so large it isn’t as easy to control as a less fatty tube. But the actual mascara wands themselves aren’t too large for my eye and I like the brush styles. Even though this is a two-step process it’s relatively quick and not as cumbersome to me as say the Too Faced fiber mascara, which is a 3-step process.

I got this at Rite Aid and it was around $11-12.00.

Yea or nay?


Note: Not cruelty free

Written by Kelly
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