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Oh hello there. It feels like forever since I posted but it was just yesterday! Sorry it’s been slow on my end, I’ve been trying to get rid of a cold so I’ve been doing a lot of couch-surfing the last couple days. I need to get well because on Friday I am going to Cat Town with a friend. Yes indeed, this is the US’s first cat cafe where they have cats living there who need adopting. I think this is such a great idea because it’s a much better environment for them than a shelter. Of course my cats are going to kill me when they catch a whiff of me when I get home…I promise to take lots of pics and post them on my Instagram!

Ok so are there any beauty products you finally tried after hearing about them forever but you were completely unimpressed by them? I can think of a few but one that really stands out for me is L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray.

I had been hearing about Elnett for YEARS in fashion magazines. It was the #1 hairspray that all those in Europe used on models, etc. It was supposed to be incredible. Miraculous. But it was hard to get in the US until a few years ago. So once it finally got here and was easily accessible, you can bet I was alllll over it. I brought my gigantic bottle home and eagerly used it the next day. I hated it upon the first spray.

First of all it had such a STRONG hairspray scent. It doesn’t smell good at all, it’s that pretty gross Aqua Net type of scent. Plus it misted out such a fine mist that it stayed lingering in the air for what seemed like forever. I couldn’t breathe (also it doesn’t help that I have no windows in my bathroom.) On top of that, it did absolutely nothing for my hair. I sprayed and sprayed, but there was no indication that it was even in my hair. I mean I know the big thing about Elnett is that it doesn’t have that sticky, crunchy effect that many hairsprays do, and you can use it, brush through it and your hair is supposed to maintain its shape. Yeah, no. It didn’t even hold my bangs in place.

Thinking maybe it was a fluke, I tried it again the next day and the same thing happened. Horrible scent, tons of lingering particles in the air and it did nothing for me. So it went into the garbage and I never looked back.

What’s an over-hyped product you tried and hated that everyone seemed to love?


Written by Kelly
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