MAC Heirloom Mix for Holiday 2014

MAC Heirloom Mix for Holiday 2014 has arrived at VV headquarters and she sure is a pretty collection!

The holiday collection in its entirety consists of some basic pieces in the Heirloom Mix collection, which I have here, a Keepsakes collection and and Objects of Affection collection. I’ll have those other two for you soon but today I wanna focus on the beautiful basics of Heirloom Mix.

The packaging is quite cool. The boxes and the actual product cases are shiny black with silver glitter. It’s not loose glitter though, it’s incorporated into the plastic so no need to worry about it shedding off. This collection includes five Lipsticks, five Cremesheen Glasses, eight Pressed Pigments, two Fluidlines, two Glitters, one Kohl Power Eye Pencil, one Eye Kohl, two Mineralize Blushes and three Nail Lacquers.

MAC Heirloom Mix Nail Lacquer for Holiday 2014


MAC Heirloom Mix Pressed Pigment for Holiday 2014


MAC Heirloom Mix Lipstick for Holiday 2014


MAC Heirloom Mix Cremesheen Glass for Holiday 2014


MAC Heirloom Mix Mineralize Blush for Holiday 2014


MAC Heirloom Mix Kohl Power Eye Pencil for Holiday 2014


MAC Heirloom Mix for Holiday 2014 Swatches

Feline, Modest Blush, Regal Affair, Modern Majesty, Enchantment (over primer)

Feline is a jet black.

Modest Blush is a light salmon pink.

Regal Affair has a white base with fine opal pearl.

Modern Majesty has a dark brown base with green pearl.

Enchantment is a violet blue with violet sparkles.

Feline is a great super creamy and black liner, I have used it for years and years. Modest Blush is a really pretty pale pink shade, definitely my kind of color. It had a nice payoff and felt very soft. Regal Affair feels really cool, it’s actually kind of wet and squishy feeling somehow. But it was super pale and I had to go over it quite a few times to get this payoff. Modern Majesty and Enchantment felt a little more “scratchy” because of all the glitter I guess. But they were both super pigmented and very pretty shades.

MAC Heirloom Mix Lip Swatches for Holiday 2014

Sparks Of Romance, Tribalist, Seeking Adoration, Courting Chic

Sparks Of Romance is a bright red (matte).

Tribalist is a dark purple berry (amplified).

Seeking Adoration is a plummy pink with sparkles.

Courting Chic is a dark berry red with gold sparkles.

Sparks Of Romance is a gorgeous bright red with a slightly pinkish hue. It had a great, even formula. Tribalist, on the other hand, was very patchy and I had to really work to get it as even as it even looks here. Seeking Adoration is a really pretty shade, I would definitely wear this one. Courting Chic looks cool in theory, but it was a little uneven and completely settled into lip lines.

MAC Sparks Of Romance Lipstick

Sparks Of Romance

MAC Tribalist Lipstick


MAC Seeking Adoration Cremesheen Glass

Seeking Adoration

MAC Courting Chic Cremesheen Glass

Courting Chic

MAC Nail Lacquer Queen's Honour

Queen’s Honour

Queen’s Honour is a classic red creme. This had a really great formula and I only needed two coats. Pretty shade, nothing unique though.

MAC Nail Lacquer Just Jewels

Just Jewels

Just Jewels is a light pink with silver and pink shimmer and glitter pieces. It’s a nice shade, much better looking in person. It is on the sheer side so I used three thin coats.

You can find this on the MAC website on the 19th and and in stores on the 23rd.

See anything in Heirloom Mix you love?


Note: Not cruelty free

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Written by Kelly
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