Jesse's Girl Satin Finish Nail Color

The Jesse’s Girl Satin Finish Nail Color Collection is available now on their website and at Rite Aid stores that sell Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics.

These are the first new limited edition shades in the Jesse’s Girl collection since 2011, so get ’em while you can!

As the name implies, these have a satin finish. They are not meant to be worn with a top coat. They all had a pretty good formula as long as you work slowly to ensure you don’t wind up with any streaks. If you use thinner coats you can avoid that. They all covered with two coats and they then dry to the satin finish. Of course I couldn’t resist putting a top coat over them because I felt like the shimmer was being stifled! Don’t stifle my shimmer people, let her shine!

Jesse's Girl Satin Finish Nail Color Collection

$3.99 each

Jesse's Girl Black Satin

Black Satin

Black Satin is a light black (or dark charcoal) with silver running throughout.

Jesse's Girl Black Satin with Top Coat

Black Satin with Top Coat

Jesse's Girl Sea Glass

Sea Glass

Sea Glass is a deep shimmery green.

Jesse's Girl Sea Glass with Top Coat

Sea Glass with Top Coat

Jesse's Girl Amethyst


Amethyst is a vivid purple shimmer.

Jesse's Girl Amethyst with Top Coat

Amethyst with Top Coat

Jesse's Girl Azure


Azure is a deep but bright navy blue shimmer.

Jesse's Girl Azure with Top Coat

Azure with Top Coat

Jesse's Girl Cauldron


Cauldron is a deep red with copper shimmer. YUM.

Jesse's Girl Cauldron with Top Coat

Cauldron with Top Coat

Jesse's Girl Brunello


Brunello is a dark blackened cherry red with red shimmer. Delicious.

Jesse's Girl Brunello with Top Coat

Brunello with Top Coat

My final thoughts? I think every single one of these looks better with the top coat. It’s not that they look bad without it, but I am a shimmer fanatic, so the top coat just completely brings that shimmer out, and makes it so glossy and gorgeous! I think the top coat makes the most difference on Amethyst, Couldron and Brunello. And the ones I like the most without a top coat are Black Satin, Sea Glass and Amethyst. But I still think the top coat kicks ’em all up a notch. 😉

What do you think about these? Do you prefer them with or without the top coat?


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Written by Kelly
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