Age 6-7 months

I cannot believe it’s been one year today since we adopted Parker! And LOOK HOW LITTLE he was!! He is like horse-sized now. 😀

My boy has grown from a scrappy, scrawny little 40 pound critter to a 65 pound scrappy critter. He’s still very thin and in shape, and extremely tall and long-legged. Sometimes I think he was mixed with a coyote or deer, haha.

Parker in Garage

Age 6-7 months

Parker February 2014

Age 18 months

Parker February 2014-3

Age 18 months

Adopting him was the best thing for us I tell ya, and I’m pretty sure we are the best thing for him too. Parker is the first dog I ever had that was truly “mine” since I chose him and he’s lived with me from the beginning. He’s my best bud.

He’s been doing really well ever since that bad week after the 4th of July. He takes two seizure medications now, and he’s been completely stable and normal for a month. All has been good and we are very happy about it!

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Written by Kelly
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