Nubar FALLing in Love

The Nubar FALLing in Love Collection for Fall 2014 features eight new shades, some of them so gorgeous I consider them must-haves!

Many of these definitely feel like they belong in an autumn collection, but a couple seem more like bright and cheery summer shades. No matter, I don’t really care about those kinds of things. The formula overall was good, with a couple small annoyances. Most of these did cover with two coats, but one in particular gave me some major grief.

And in case you are new to Nubar you might want to know that they are 3-free, cruelty-free and vegan. Their polishes are amazing, they have some absolutely stunning shades, and they are very underrated! So buy some! And no, no one paid me to say that. 🙂

Nubar FALLing in Love

FALLing in Love Collection ($8.40 each or $56 for the set)

Nubar First Date

First Date

First Date is a mustard yellow with gold shimmer. Such an unusual shade and I really love it. It’s one of those ugly/pretty colors. I did have some issues with the formula. It kept settling around the ridges on two of my nails and becoming patchy, so I needed three coats. Even with that you can still see some areas where it’s not perfect. Despite this, I like the color because it’s different.

Nubar Sweet Hue

Sweet Hue

Sweet Hue is a bright pink with lots of gold shimmer. While this doesn’t look like a fall color to me, it’s beautiful anyway. This had an excellent formula and covered in two coats.

Nubar Love American Style

Love American Style

Love American Style is a cherry red creme. Nothing particularly unique here, but it’s a nice, glossy red. This covered in two thin coats.

Nubar Don't Russet

Don’t Russet

Don’t Russet is a deep red with pink shimmer. Beautiful shade! This one has that glowing look to it and I love the red/pink shimmer combo. This had a nice formula and covered in two coats.

Nubar Passion's Pain

Passion’s Pain

Passion’s Pain was literally a pain! This is a dark brownish/purple creme. I don’t know what the deal was, maybe I have a bad bottle, but this took FOUR coats to get it to cover. It was really thin, watery and uneven, even after shaking it up a lot. Even with four coats on, I can see some spotty areas near the cuticles. Meh, not a good one!

Nubar Lush


Lush is a deep teal blue creme. At first I thought this was going to have the same issues as Passion’s Pain because it starts off kind of thin and watery. But it actually took three coats, not four to cover.

Nubar Affair


Affair is a greenish-blue with tons of shimmer. A mermaid shade. So sparkly and pretty! This is one of those shades that makes you stare at it constantly, especially in the sun. It’s gorgeous and had a nice formula. This was two coats.

Nubar Queen


Queen is a deep purple shimmer. This is very aptly named because it does look like a royal purple. I’ve seen so many shades like this but they never cease to make my mouth drop open. So beautiful. This had an excellent formula and covered with two coats.

I love this collection for the most part. I would say the must-haves and most unique shades are First Date, Sweet Hue, Don’t Russet and Affair. However if you don’t have a purple like Queen, you definitely need that one also.

You can find these soon on the Nubar site as well as at other retailers of Nubar products.

Are you FALLing in love with any of these shades? 😉


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Written by Kelly
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