Kat Von D Lightning Liner

Kat Von D Lightning Liner is new to Sephora and it comes in four metallic shades.

This liner is different than anything I have used before because you have to kind of assemble it before you use it. More on that in a minute.

Currently the shades are Poe (metallic purple with violet shimmer), Hyde (metallic deep brown with bronze shimmer), Jett (metallic black with silver shimmer) and Hex (metallic deep plum with burgundy shimmer). They have a brush tip and a click-activated pen. Usually I am not a fan of the click-activated glosses or liners because it seems like you have to twist or click for an eternity to get the color out, or too much comes out. This worked really quickly and with just 1 or 2 turns you get the proper amount you need out. The precision brush feels soft and glides along the lash-line very smoothly and perfectly.

Kat Von D Lightning Liner-2

It comes like this, with two pieces and then a little plastic connecter between the body and the cap which you remove.

Kat Von D Lightning Liner-3


Once you remove the connecter, you turn the cap upside down and push the body into it until it clicks into place.

Kat Von D Lightning Liner-4

To use it you just open the cap, turn the dial a couple times until you see the product come out onto the brush. After this first time you only need to click it once to dispense the product. I clicked too many times as you can see, it wasn’t expecting it to work so quickly!

Kat Von D Lightning Liner Swatches

Poe, Jett

Poe is a deep purple with violet shimmer.

Jett is a black with heavy silver shimmer.

Both of these are nicely pigmented, glide on super easily ,and have a nice obvious shimmery metallic finish.

Wearing Kat Von D Lightning Liner in Poe

Wearing Poe

Initially I was kind of befuddled with how the pen worked, but it only takes a minute to get the hang of it. I like that the product comes out easily and you don’t need a ton for it to go a long way. The brush is really good! I had no tugging or skipping when I applied Poe, and I was really pleased with how smooth and even the lines came out. You can get the brush really deep into the lash line also, which is nice.

I am intrigued by these and hope they come out with more shades because I really like ’em!

You can find these liners now exclusively at Sephora.

Are you up for trying these liners out?


Note: Undetermined if cruelty free

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Written by Kelly
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