JINsoon Tess Giberson Collection Fall-Winter 2014

JINsoon Tess Giberson Collection Fall/Winter 2014 lands in stores this month and it has some seriously unique and amazing shades included.

Jin Soon Choi collaborated with designer Tess Giberson for this collection. They created shades that were “inspired by the transference of classic rugged American sportswear into contemporary, effortless, luxurious style.” In other words, they made normal colors stand out more by using shimmer and speckles, which gives them new dimension.

JINsoon Tess Giberson Collection Fall-Winter 2014

Pastiche, Melange, Farrago, Heirloom, Nocturne ($18)

JINsoon Pastiche


Pastiche is an orange/apricot shade loaded with pink and gold shimmer. This is so unique! The only shade I can think of that comes even close is Rescue Beauty Lounge Nails and Noms, but it’s not the same shade at all (that is way more tangerine/orange). This is a super feminine looking shade, especially with all that pink shimmer. This had a somewhat thick formula but I didn’t have any issues with it. It covers perfectly in two coats.

JINsoon Melange


Mélange is a silver with tiny dark grey speckles. I like this one because the grey speckles don’t sink beneath the silver base, so you can see them really well. You don’t see grey glitter that often, it’s usually black, so I think this is pretty unique. This had a really good formula and covered in two coats.

JINsoon Farrago


Farrago is a red based purple with lots of gold shimmer. AAAHHHHHHHH! I nearly screamed when I applied this. I knew by looking at the bottle it was going to be super unique and gorgeous, and I was right. It’s super creamy, smooth, opaque, pigmented and amazing. This was two coats. As of right now, this is my favorite nail color for fall that I’ve seen yet!

JINsoon Heirloom


Heirloom is a shimmery deep turquoise blue. This shade is really gorgeous and photos don’t show off its true beauty. It’s emerald green, deep sea green and blue at once. The finish is almost a metallic but not quite. The formula was really good, just be careful to use thinner coats because some slight brush strokes could show up. This was two coats.

JINsoon Nocturne


Nocturne is a black with a greyish shimmery/metallic finish. This is the only one where I felt like it wasn’t completely original. Having said that, the polish is a pretty shade and the formula was pretty good. Two thinner coats covers completely, but it can be very slightly brush-stroke-y.

Wow this collection kind of blew me away! Nearly every shade is unique for me and the formula was pretty amazing with all of them. I think Pastiche and Farrago are my favorite shades here, but Heirloom is pretty beautiful as well.

You can find these this month at Space NK, Sephora, and the JINsoon website.

Will you be checking out any of these nail shades?


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