Orly Baked

Orly Baked for summer 2014 is here!

This new collection features six new uber-bright shades. Some are cremes, some are glitters some are shimmers. These aren’t all neons, but a couple definitely qualify in my eyes. It’s a fun tropical-hued collection and these shades all make me so happy looking at them. Also: SOMEONE PLEASE SEND ME SOMEWHERE TROPICAL STAT!

Orly Baked

Orly Baked-2

Orly Tropical Pop

Tropical Pop

Tropical Pop is a neon yellow-based orange. UGH such loveliness! This one is super bright and beautiful. This was just very slightly streaky on me and was two coats.

Orly Neon Heat

Neon Heat

Neon Heat is a neon bright fuchsia pink. Whew, so bright and so pretty! Excellent formula, this was two coats.

Orly Saturated


Saturated is a deep, yet still very vivid violet creme. This is the darkest of the shades but it still has this intensity that is so fetching. Did I just really say fetching? That’s a first! This was two glorious coats.

Orly Ablaze


Ablaze is a super bright orange with gold shimmer. I am completely in love with this color. The orange is crazy bright but it’s the shimmer that makes it so pretty. This had an excellent formula and this was two coats.

Orly Hot Tropics

Hot Tropics

Hot Tropics is a bright purple with gold shimmer. Another stunning one because of the golden shimmer. This also had a great creamy formula and was just two coats.

Orly Lush


Lush is a green jelly with green holo bar glitter. Because it’s a jelly you may need three coats to build it up. It’s a nice vivid green, but I am not a huge fan of bar glitter, and this bar glitter seems longer than average, so this wasn’t my favorite. If you like jellies and bar glitter though, you might love this one.

You can find this collection at stores now.

Which of these are on your list for summer?


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Written by Kelly
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