NARS Nail Polish 2014

NARS Nail Polish has been reformulated and they also came out with 19 new shades for us!

The new formula, which now comes in 43 shades, is designed with resins and polymers which are supposed to help improve wear and strengthen nails. Another new feature is the square cap comes off for easier application. The brush is a wide, flat, rounded style, which I find easier to use than their previous brushes.

NARS Nail Polish

NARS Ithaque


Ithaque is a light semi-sheer pink. I needed three coats for this one for the most even coverage but it’s still a little uneven. I love these kinds of shades, even though they aren’t crazy colors. They make my hands and nails just look so clean and nice.

NARS Zakynthos


Zakynthos is a light beige creme. This had a good formula and covered very evenly with just two coats.

NARS Milos


Milos is an intense metallic C3PO gold. It’s a little bit brush-stroke-y, but still it looks like beautiful molten gold. This is two coats.

NARS Kalyminos


Kalyminos is a soft lilac creme. This had a really nice formula and I only needed two coats.

NARS Thasos


Thasos is a light mint green creme. This is such a great mint shade and the formula is very pigmented. I almost only used one coat but I wound up using two.

NARS Pastorale


Pastorale is a rose gold metallic. This is a little bit brush-stroke-y but still a really pretty shade. It covers really nicely with nearly one coat but I used two.

NARS Shameless Red

Shameless Red

Shameless Red is a deep pink creme. Why it’s called Shameless Red I don’t know because it’s definitely pink! Nice shade and great formula. This was two coats.

NARS Ikiru


Ikiru is a bright light blue creme. This one is really pigmented and lovely. I did need three coats to get it completely even though because it’s on the more sheer side.

NARS Amarapura


Amarapura is a silver chrome. Excellent formula and this is just one coat! The issue is, if you have an flaws on your nails, this really brings them out.

NARS Blow-Up


Blow-Up is a bright mandarin orange creme. Lovely deep shade and nice formula. This was two coats.

NARS Torre del Oro

Torre del Oro

Torre del Oro is a deep cherry red creme. This had a really good formula, was perfect and shiny with two coats.

NARS Paros


Paros is a deep reddish brown creme.  This also had a really nice formula and only required two coats.

NARS Obscura


Obscura is a deep lavender/charcoal grey creme. This is a really unusual shade and the one that piqued my interest the most. In real life you can see the purple aspect to this color, where you really can’t in photos. Lovely formula and just two coats.

NARS Elbrus


Elbrus is a dark plum creme. This is a nice vampy berry shade and had a good formula, but I needed three thin coats to get it totally even.

These are $20.00 each and available starting today at the NARS website and boutiques. They will be in Sephora and in department stores on August 1st.

Which shades are you loving here?


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Written by Kelly
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