Fourth of July Nail Art Ideas


Happy Independence Day friends!

If you are still unsure about what to do on your nails today, I’ve got some fairly easy Fourth of July nail art ideas for ya that might help.

The following four manis were done using Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics shades NSFW, Feathered, Rx and Arsenic with KB Shimmer Clearly On Top as the top coat. The OCC shades are really great for these kind of looks because you only need one coat of Feathered and Rx because they’re really pigmented. I used two coats of NSFW.

Fourth of July Nail Art

Here I added some little star pieces to my nail with a tweezer, just for a festive twist. They don’t lie completely flat so this would drive me nuts after about 10 minutes in real life. 😉

Fourth of July Nail Art Stars and Dots

Here I tried out the star pattern of a Nail Vinyls sheet I had. I always have issues with these laying down completely flat, even when I stick them down hard. Because of that my stars didn’t come out perfect, but oh well!

Fourth of July Nail Art Stripes

This was just a simple striped thing that went a little haywire because of my shaky hands. I free-handed the strips, but could have made much better lines with tape.

For the next four photos I used the new Pure Ice Sparks Fly collection for summer 2014 which includes three new matte shades Pretty “n” Patriotic, Lady Liberty, I Pledge Nail-legiance and a glitter called Sparks Fly.

Fourth of July Nail Art with Pure Ice Matte

Ok so the matte red, white and blue shades are pretty straight-forward. They just need two thin coats and you could probably actually get away with one. They create a satiny-matte finish.

Sparks Fly, which is the glitter, features deep blue micro-glitter in a clear base with pale gold holo round and star-shaped glitter pieces. The stars are few and far-between, and I had to fish around for quite awhile to get just one out.

Fourth of July Nail Art Dots with Pure Ice Matte

Then I decided to add some matte polka dots to the above mani.

Fourth of July Nail Art Dots with Pure Ice Matte with Top Coat

Then I added a top coat. I prefer it with the top coat personally.

Fourth of July Nail Art Strips and Silver Dots

And finally this mess of a mani (haha). I started off with Pretty ‘N” Patriotic as the base. Then I free-handed Lady Liberty. My stripes got all wonky, oops. Then I swiped I Pledge Nail-legiance across the top. I waited for that to dry then added some dots using OCC Arsenic. It could have been MUCH cleaner but you get the idea.

Hope you in the USA have a great (and safe) holiday weekend!


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Written by Kelly
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