nails inc. Latex Effect

You know me and textured nail polish by now, right? I always want to check out the new, evolving types and see if they are any good. I first saw the nails inc. Latex Effect shades on the Sephora website and I was most definitely intrigued.

These limited edition polishes come in four shades including Shoreditch High Street (hot pink), Portobello Road (light pink), Camden Passage (light taupe) and Bermondsey Street (aqua blue).

The texture is quite interesting. It applies on the thicker side and looks glossy, but soon dries into this latex/waxy-like look and feel. Because it’s so thick I did have some issues when adding a second coat. I got bald spots near the cuticles so I had to kind of go back and try to smooth them out. It doesn’t seem like it likes more than one coat, but I felt I needed two to get the best coverage.

nails inc. Latex Effect

nails inc. Latex Effect-2

nails inc. Camden Passage

Camden Passage

Camden Passage is a light taupe shade. Great shade but you can definitely see all my nail ridges underneath and where it got a bit thick on the pinky nail (the side). You can see the finish doesn’t really look like a flat matte but more waxy-ish.

nails inc. Camden Passage with top coat

Camden Passage with top coat

Here she is all shined up with a top coat.

nails inc. Bermondsey Street

Bermondsey Street

Bermondsey Street is a bright aqua blue. Lovely shade, but again that pesky formula that was kind of hard to work with. I do like the way the finish looks though, with this shade especially.

nails inc. Bermondsey Street with top coat

Bermondsey Street with top coat

And she’s still quite lovely with a top coat.

You can also find these at Selfridges and Macy’s and they are $11.00 for 0.33 oz.

So what do you think of the Latex Effect? Willing to give it a go, or pass?


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Written by Kelly
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