MAC Sharon and Kelly Osbourne

The MAC Sharon and Kelly Osbourne has arrived at Vampy Varnish HQ!

I have to admit, I was fairly excited about this limited edition collection. I love the Osbourne family, papa Ozzy especially. I’ve been a Black Sabbath and Ozzy fan for about 30 years (yikes) and even though this has nothing to do with Ozzy really, I am still excited because Sharon and Kelly are pretty awesome. I want Kelly’s lavender/grey hair so very badly, but don’t have the chutzpah to dye it that shade.

So this collection has two sides. The Sharon Osbourne side (red packaging) and the Kelly Osbourne side (purple packaging). I love the contrast between the two but also love how they look so good together. From the pieces I have it seems the Sharon side has more warmer tones and the Kelly side has cooler ones, which should surprise no one who has seen her. Everything in the collection has their signature on it. Sharon’s signature is written in purple and Kelly’s is red, which makes everything go together even more.

MAC Sharon Osbourne Duchess Quad

Sharon Osbourne Duchess Quad ($44)

MAC Sharon Osbourne Refresh and Peaches & Cream

Sharon Osbourne Mineralize Skinfinish Refresh ($33) and Powder Blush Peaches & Cream ($22)

MAC Sharon Osbourne Pussywillow and Innocent

Sharon Osbourne Lipglass Pussywillow ($16.50) and Patentpolish Lip Pencil Innocent ($21.50)

MAC Kelly Osbourne Morning Mister Magpie, Rapidblack

Kelly Osbourne Brow Duo Morning Mister Magpie ($22), Jumbo Punultimate Rapidblack ($22)

MAC Kelly Osbourne Kelly Yum-Yum, Dodgy Girl Lipstick

Kelly Osbourne Lipstick Kelly Yum-Yum, Dodgy Girl ($17.50)

MAC Sharon Osbourne Duchess Quad Swatches

Sweet Eyes, Sexy Eyes, Embark, Femme Fatale (over primer)

The Duchess Quad features four warm-toned shades. I was rather pleased with the pigmentation and evenness I got when I swatched these over a primer. Embark wasn’t patchy, like many of their mattes in the quads can be and the other shades felt soft and nice.

  • Sweet Eyes – a light golden nude(veluxe pearl)
  • Sexy Eyes – a warm bronze (veluxe pearl)
  • Embark – a dark reddish brown (matte)
  • Femme Fatale – a golden brown (satin)
MAC Sharon Osbourne Refresh, Peaches & Cream Swatches

Peaches & Cream, Refresh

Peaches & Cream Powder Blush is a great, bright pink and had nice pigmentation. Mineralize Skinfinish in Refresh is super soft and just utterly gorgeous. Perfect for fair skin!

  • Peaches & Cream – medium rose pink with a satin finish.
  • Refresh – light summer peach tan and a light golden pink
MAC Sharon Osbourne Pussywillow, Innocent Swatches

Pussywillow, Innocent

Pussywillow Lipglass is a shade I didn’t really expect to think much of, but it turns out it’s very pretty! Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Innocent is a very, very light shade that barely showed up on me.

  • Pussywillow – light neutral gold
  • Innocent – nude beige
MAC Sharon Osbourne Pussywillow


MAC Sharon Osbourne Innocent


MAC Kelly Osbourne Morning Mister Magpie, Rapidblack Swatches

Soba, Brun, Rapidblack

Morning Mister Magpie Brow Duo features two shades: Soba and Brun. Initially I thought both would be super warm but nope, both are cooler, but especially Brun. The Jumbo Penultimate in Rapidblack is the same ‘ole Rapidblack we have seen many times before.

  • Soba – soft taupe (satin)
  • Brun – dark brown (satin)
  • Rapidblack – true black
MAC Kelly Osbourne Dodgy Girl, Kelly Yum-Yum Swatches

Dodgy Girl, Kelly Yum-Yum

And now for the REALLY exciting part! I am completely in love with both Dodgy Girl and Kelly Yum-Yum Lipsticks. Great cool-toned shades, nice creamy formula. And I don’t just like Kelly Yum-Yum because it has my name in it. 😉

  • Dodgy Girl – light lavender (matte)
  • Kelly Yum-Yum – bright blue pink (satin)
MAC Kelly Osbourne Dodgy Girl, Kelly Yum-Yum, Candy Yum-Yum Swatches

Dodgy Girl, Kelly Yum-Yum, Candy Yum-Yum

Here you can see I added the original Candy Yum-Yum into the mix so you can see it is in fact a very different pink from Kelly Yum-Yum. I think Kelly Yum-Yum will be more wearable for people.

MAC Kelly Osbourne Dodgy Girl

Dodgy Girl

MAC Kelly Osbourne Kelly Yum-Yum

Kelly Yum-Yum

You can find these on MAC’s website now and they will be available in stores on the 12th.

So I want to know, are you going to be picking anything up from this collection?


Note: Not cruelty free

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Written by Kelly
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