Parker 5-5-2014

Hello there! It’s been a bit since I did a pupdate on Parker so I thought I would fill you in on the latest puppy news.

Overall things have been most excellent with him. He’s gotten GIGANTIC! He’s now 63 pounds – he was 42 pounds when we got him in August. But it’s not fat folks, he’s super tall and super thin. He’s now about a year and 4 or 5 months old.

He is getting so good at catching his ball and Frisbee mid-air. He jumps crazy high into the air now. I really want to catch this on camera but since I am always the one throwing the toy and operating the camera, it’s kind of difficult.

He also has that super intense Border Collie stare when I have his ball/toy in my hand and I love that! 😀

Parker 5-5-2014-2

But there has been some kind of bad news. Two weeks ago he woke me up at 3:00am because he was having a seizure. It lasted maybe 20 or 30 seconds, then he was fine. We took him into the vet and they think he most likely has epilepsy. This can usually be controlled with meds. So now we just watch and see if/when he has another seizure and if they are getting more and more frequent, we’ll put him on meds. I have discovered that epilepsy is very common in dogs (so many people have replied to me and said their dog has it also) so I feel relieved that it’s manageable at least.

Also his liver panel came back high and the vet wasn’t sure what that was about. So we are bringing him back in next week for a re-check. Hopefully it’s nothing (fingers crossed).

Parker 5-5-2014-3

I can’t even explain how much happiness he has brought into my house. For the 3 1/2 years we didn’t have a dog it always felt like something was missing. Now I have a constant companion by my side and he makes me so happy. He’s SO smart and such a love-bug! He loves everyone and everything. I really couldn’t have imagined a dog being this great, he’s really everything we could have hoped for.

Have a great weekend!


Written by Kelly
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