Contrary Polish Love Lyrics Redux

Contrary Polish Love Lyrics Redux is the follow-up to the Love Lyrics collection from last spring.

Last time around the shades were named after favorite love-themed song titles. This time they are named after song lyrics. There are six shades in the collection and they are all jellies with shimmer and/or micro-glitter. Each one took three coats to become opaque.

These shades seem so perfect for spring to me, they’re very soft and feminine looking. They remind me of a light wash of pastel paint.

Contrary Polish Love Lyrics Redux

Contrary Polish Love Lyrics Redux-2

Contrary Polish Love Lyrics Redux-3

Contrary Polish Funny Yellow Shoes

Funny Yellow Shoes

Funny Yellow Shoes is a pale yellow with pink shimmer and micro-glitter. I loooooove this shade! Surprisingly it was one of the more opaque shades, and I didn’t expect that. I really love this kind of strange yellow, and the shimmer inside is really unique.

Contrary Polish Become Yours

Become Yours

Become Yours is a soft peachy/pink with aqua shimmer. So soft and girly.

Contrary Polish Just a Dream

Just a Dream

Just a Dream is a pale grey with silver shimmer and purple micro-flakes. Another very unique shade, I know I have nothing like this one.

Contrary Polish Strange Changes

Strange Changes

Strange Changes is a greyish/green with copper shimmer and micro-glitter. This is a really gorgeous shade and must be seen in person because photos don’t do it justice. The copper shimmer is glowing, like burning embers.

Contrary Polish Make-Believe Reality

Make-Believe Reality

Make-Believe Reality is an aqua shade with blue and fuchsia shimmer. This is another one of those pretty soft green shades that reminds me of that Fenton milk glass.

Contrary Polish The Gift You Gave

The Gift You Gave

The Gift You Gave is a purple with sapphire blue shimmer and micro-glitter. Another nice one, great  glowing shimmer.

Overall: I think this is a really pretty, soft collection. If you love jellies, and I know a lot of you do, I think there are some shades here that you’ll love. What I adore about Contrary Polish is her shades are so unique. With every single color that comes out I know I have nothing like it in my collection, and that’s so great! My personal favorites here are Funny Yellow Shoes (because it’s kind of a strange color), Strange Changes (simply amazing shade with that copper shimmer) and Make-Believe Reality (because that green and that shimmer together are perfection). Because they are jellies and on the more sheer side you will most likely need three coats for all of them to cover completely.

Availability: Llarowe.

Pricing: $11.00 each.

What do you think of Love Lyrics Redux?


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Written by Kelly
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