Revlon Leather Nail Enamel

Revlon Leather Nail Enamel is a new line of limited edition shades in their “Leather & Tweed Collection” for spring 2014.

In this collection there are four Leather Cuir shades and four Tweed shades. I was at CVS this week and was super excited to see these! I have zero interest in the Tweed part of the collection because it features a bunch of bar glitter shades, and I pretty much abhor bar glitter. However the Leather Cuir shades? SIGN ME UP!

The four shades are Motorcycle Jacket (black), Leather Skinnies (grey), Downtown (purple) and Rock Chic (blue). I bought them all except Motorcycle Jacket because I already have Nails Inc. Noho, and I love it so much I couldn’t imagine the Revlon one being any better!

Speaking of the Nails Inc. Leather Effect shades these are very similar. I reviewed Old Compton Street and Dalston awhile back and found these to be pretty much the same type of finish and texture. These might be a little less sandy and more like pebbled leather than those ones are.

Revlon Leather

Leather Skinnies, Downtown, Rock Chic

Revlon Leather  Leather Skinnies

Leather Skinnies

Leather Skinnies is a medium grey shade. Ok so I kind of forgot that I had Nails Inc. Old Compton Street when I bought this one. Oops. They are very, very similar. I think this is a slightly lighter grey and more cool-toned. This was two coats.

Revlon Leather  Downtown


Downtown is a deep grape purple. I am 100% in LUST with this one. It’s everything I had hoped for. Something about this shade and this texture is magical to me. This was two coats.

Revlon Leather Rock Chic

Rock Chic

Rock Chic is a bright denim blue. Another gorgeous shade! I definitely don’t think I have any other textured shade like this blue. This was two coats.

Overall: Nope, I am not over textured polishes yet and don’t see me getting over them any time soon! I like all of these colors but Downtown and Rock Chic are perfection. All of these covered nicely in two coats and dried quickly.

Availability: CVS, drugstores (I heard they are only available through July).

Pricing: $5.99 each.

Are you loving these types of textures still? Will you be searching for this collection at drugstores?


Note: Not cruelty free

Written by Kelly
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