Cult Nails Casual Elegance Collection

The Cult Nails Casual Elegance Collection for spring 2014 is new, limited edition and features three gorgeous purple shades.

They are starting a new program this month also. They will be featuring a new indie brand or nail art designs from bloggers each month. For this collection they included Nail Vinyls, which is something I recently discovered myself! Nail Vinyls are basically stickers that come in various shapes and sizes which you use as a “guide” of sorts for nail art. For the release of this collection they are including the standard sized chevron design. Each of the sets will include a sample of the chevron vinyl for two nails.

If you want this collection during the pre-sale (going on now until April 2nd at 12:00AM, EST or while supplies last) you might want to act fast because there will only be 500 sets during the pre-sale.

And now, onto the swatches!

Cult Nails Causal Elegance Collection

Cult Nails Causal Elegance-2

Nail Vinyls Chevron

Chevron Nail Vinyls

Cult Nails Casual Elegance

Casual Elegance

Casual Elegance is a light lilac creme. It’s very pigmented and covers perfectly in one coat.

Cult Nails Intriguing


Intriguing is a pale periwinkle holographic. The holo effect isn’t super strong in this shade, which was the intention Maria had. She wanted a softer look, but still with some holo shimmer. Very pretty shade, I love me a periwinkle! The formula is a little thin so I used three thin coats, but you could probably do two (I am overzealous).

Cult Nails Winter's Light

Winter’s Light

Winter’s Light is a jelly blue and purple micro-glitter. It’s super sparkly and pretty and you can get it opaque in three thin coats. Great as a layering shade also.

Cult Nails Causal Elegance with Nail Vinyls Chevron

Cult Nails Causal Elegance with Nail Vinyls Chevron

Here I used Casual Elegance on my pointer, ring and pinky fingers and Intriguing on my middle finger. Then I placed one chevron Nail Vinyl on my ring finger and painted Winter’s Light over it. On my pointer I used two chevron Nail Vinyls and again used Winter’s Light.

The key to using the Nail Vinyls is this: Wait until base color is completely dry (you can use Cult Nails Wicked Fast to speed that process up if you like). Then place the sticker where you want it on your nail either with your fingers or tweezers. Make sure it’s stuck down tight, especially all around the edges. Then paint your other color on top. Make sure you then immediately remove the sticker (slowly) right after you paint the second color so it doesn’t bleed. Wait a few minutes then apply a top coat.

Overall: Great little collection. I am a huge fan of purple nail polish so I like all three of these shades. I really love how pigmented Casual Elegance is. Intriguing is a beautiful periwinkle shade and I dig the soft holo effect. I like Winter’s Light as well but think it looks best as a layering color.

Availability: Cult Nails (presale now until April 2nd at 12:00AM, EST or as long as supplied last).

Pricing: $24.00 for the set including chevron Nail Vinyls.

Will you be ordering this set?


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Written by Kelly
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