Nubar Spring in The City

The Nubar Spring in The City collection features eight new shades, each with a creme finish.

This collection includes a lot of your typical spring-like colors, but also a couple of unexpected ones. The formula was really a bit strange for me with most of these. First of all a few of them had “settled” a bit and getting them shaken up to, blend the darker color at the bottom into the lighter color in the rest of the bottle just didn’t seem to work. Most of these felt really thin and watery and I did need three coats for all but one here. They settled into ridges very easily, so I probably should have used a ridge-filling base coat for the swatches. Oh well, I’ll remember that next time.

Nubar Spring in The City-2

Nubar Spring in The City-3

Nubar Wildflower Blooming

Wildflower Blooming

Wildflower Blooming is a light apricot pastel. This was one of the ones that I had issues shaking up but it came out ok. This one had a decent consistency, it wasn’t too thin or watery, but it does look uneven even after three thin coats.

Nubar Spring in Her Step

Spring in Her Step

Spring in Her Step is a warm pink creme. Super pretty shade, but can you see how uneven it looks over my more ridged nails? This is three coats, but it was a fairly watery and thin formula.

Nubar Sleek in The City

Sleek in The City

Sleek in The City is a deep rose/brown creme. This is kind of an unexpected shade for a spring collection. The formula for this one wasn’t too watery and I managed to get it even looking with three thin coats.

Nubar City Self

City Self

City Self is a pink-toned violet creme. Again, this formula was super thin and watery and hard to get totally even for me. This is three thin coats.

Nubar Fashion is Forward

Fashion is Forward

Fashion is Forward is a dark blue/grey creme. Another unexpected spring shade and I really like it! The formula for this one was thicker and not watery so I was able to use two coats and had no issues.

Nubar New Mood

New Mood

New Mood is a pale lavender creme. More of that watery formula but this one I managed to get mostly even looking with three thin coats.

Nubar Succulent


Succulent is a pink/apricot pastel. This one is very similar to Wildflower Blooming, but it’s not quite the same. This has more of a pink hue, whereas Wildflower Blooming looks more orange. This was another one of those where the darker part settled in the bottom of the bottle (you can see it if you look at the bottle). Pretty shade, but it took three coats to get mostly even.

Nubar Dreamy Moss

Dreamy Moss

Dreamy Moss is a pale murky mint green. Ok it’s not a traditional mint, but more greyed out and subdued. Very pretty shade, but again with the thin watery formula. This was three coats.

Nubar Spring in The City Collection

Overall: For me this was kind of a strange collection because of the formula. Usually Nubar has an excellent smooth and perfect formula, and I can usually use two coats for cremes like this. But these were just strange. Some of the ones like Wildflower Blooming and Succulent that had sort of separated almost felt like they had been sitting around for a long time. The others were mostly extremely thin and hard to get completely even (without a base coat anyway). I do actually like all the shades though!

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Written by Kelly
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