Cult Nails Passionate Dreams

The Cult Nails Passionate Dreams collection is the latest from the brand and it features four new shades being sold only as a set during a pre-sale right now.

Here is a bit about the collection from the press release, which I loved!

…She dreamed of the day when she would find him, the one.  And find him, she did.  He passed her in the park on her morning walk.  She’d been watching him as he approached.  With his head down and his hands in his pockets, he hadn’t given her so much as a glance.  But there he was, the absolute man of her dreams.  His stride was flawless and graceful, but manly.  His build was average but he carried himself with confidence, not cockiness.  And his eyes.  Oh his eyes!  When he looked up to apologize for almost bumping into her, she could feel his eyes looking deeper into her soul than she ever thought possible.  His stare was intense.  Heart stopping.  Lethal.  That was the moment.  The feeling his gaze left her with was enough to ignite her passion.  Then she felt it.  The pounding in her heart.  Her breathing became shallow and quick.  Her senses were exploding at the thought of him simply speaking to her.  Then, it happened.  She looked back at him and their eyes met once more.  It was undeniable; but as quickly as he approached, he continued on, blending in with the background until he was eventually out of sight.

If you want to read more from this short story, which Maria’s husband John wrote, check it out here. Loving this whole idea, I want it to continue!

Cult Nails Passionate Dreams-2

Cult Nails Kiss


Kiss is a bright cool-toned red with a wax finish. I looooove these wax finish shades that Maria creates, and this one is gorgeous. It reminds me of leather. This was two coats and it applies perfectly.

Cult Nails Angel Whispers

Angel Whispers

Angel Whispers is a pale pink shimmer. Such a pretty soft shade. It’s very feminine and it reminds me of a fairy. I actually didn’t expect to like it when I saw it in the bottle, but I really love it! It’s quite a thick formula and a little sticky, so work slower with it. This was two coats. It dries with a slight gritty texture if you don’t add a top coat.

Cult Nails Lethal


Lethal is an intense silver foil. Super metallic, super silvery and cool-toned. Great shade and great formula. This was two coats.

Cult Nails Ignite


Ignite is a black jelly with super small and fine silver glitter. This is more of a cream/jelly or crelly rather than straight jelly. It’s really quite pigmented and applies perfectly with two coats. It’s also on the thicker side like Angel Whispers is. It reminds me of the night sky.

Cult Nails Passionate Dreams Collection

Overall: This is a great little set. I really like all of the shades but for me the stand-out ones are Kiss because of the wax finish and Angel Whispers because it’s so soft, yet very pretty and feminine looking.

Availability: Cult Nails.

Pricing: Pre-sale going on right now until Jan 31st. The 4-piece collection is $35.00. After Feb 15th if there are any shades left, you can buy them individually for $12.00.

See anything here you will be pre-ordering?


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Written by Kelly
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