Red Lipstick Collage

Happy Friday afternoon! Hopefully you are almost off work or off work and already enjoying your weekend. 🙂

Today’s lipstick in the 22 Days of Red Lipstick saga is Kat Von D Adora Painted Love Lipstick. This one has kind of a strange story. As I was preparing to write this post I was searching for my old blog post about it. I looked and looked and couldn’t find anything. No blog posts, no images online. I think I forgot to blog about it!? But also as I was searching for it on Sephora I noticed that the Adora they list is under the “Foiled Love Lipstick” category which comes in a silver tube. My tube is the black and red one, which is labeled as a “Painted Love Lipstick”. So anyway I guess they changed it up.

Either way the lipstick color is the same one!

Kat Von D Adora Painted Love Lipstick

Adora Painted Love Lipstick

Kat Von D Adora Painted Love Lipstick Swatch

Adora Painted Love Lipstick

Kat Von D Adora Painted Love

Adora Painted Love Lipstick

Painted Love is a metallic candy apple red. This is the only metallic red lipstick I own actually, and it’s definitely very metallic looking. The formula feels pretty nice and moisturizing to wear. It has kind of a classic lipstick scent and taste, which isn’t too strong for me (it’s less than Milani’s somewhat stronger scent/taste for instance). I don’t completely love the finish, I prefer a non-metallic lipstick but it is different than all my others.

Availability: Sephora only.

Pricing: $19.00.

What do you say to metallic lips?


Note: Undetermined if cruelty free

Written by Kelly
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