Hard Candy Nail Color Fall 2013

I feel like I have been posting only holiday collections ALL fall! But we are still in fall for 5 more weeks and today I have the new Hard Candy Nail Color for fall 2013.

These six new shades are mostly chunky glitters but there is one metallic shimmer and a micro-glitter tossed in as well.

The formula depended heavily on the shade with these. Some were two coats of perfection, others took some…patience.

Hard Candy Nail Color Fall 2013-3

Hard Candy Nail Color Fall 2013-2

Hard Candy Touch Of Teal

Touch Of Teal is a mermaid-like shimmery green. In the bottle it has a purple duochrome look to it, but it barely shows up on the nail. It’s still a really pretty shade though. This was two coats and really smooth.

Hard Candy Bite of Black

Bite of Black has a black base and teal, silver and pink micro-glitter. I really like this combination because it looks cool and seems unique to me. This was two coats and it covered really nicely.

Hard Candy Pop Rocker

Pop Rocker has a clear base and has various sizes and shapes of white, black and fuchsia glitter. This one was pretty good with application. The glitter didn’t move around too much with the second coat. Would obviously look best over another shade. This is two coats.

Hard Candy Jaw Breaker

Jaw Breaker is similar to Pop Rocker but it has white, black and pale green glitter instead. Same application and this was two coats.

Hard Candy Bridal Party

Bridal Party features tons of small rose gold glitter and large holo glitter pieces in a clear base. This covers really well because it’s really thick, but that also means it tends to get chunky and funky looking. This is two coats.

Hard Candy Emerald's Eve

Emerald’s Eve has green small glitter and larger gold glitter chunks. This also covers pretty well but you run into the chunky issue. This is two coats.

Hard Candy Nail Polish Fall 2013 Collection

Overall: I’m a fan of Touch Of Teal and Bite Of Black here mostly. I’m just not a huge chunky glitter fanatic, so the other 4 don’t do much for me personally. But Pop Rocker and Jaw Breaker were easier to work with than Bridal Party and Emerald’s Eve.

Availability: Walmart.

Pricing: $4.00 for 0.26 oz.

See any new shades you have to have?


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Written by Kelly
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