Parker with Shark

This is Parker’s second shark toy and it’s about to be tossed. He keeps tearing it open on one particular section of the neck and then ripping out all the stuffing. These are supposed to be super strong toys, but he usually gets the first tear started within 2 days!

But we discovered this is a line of toys that has a corresponding number of 1-10 depending on how tough they are. This one was a 7 out of 10, so we just got him a bone shaped one that’s a 9 out of 10. We shall see how long that one lasts.

He’s getting rather large and much more filled out now. It can be hard for us to tell because we’re with him every day but when I look at photos he was so thin! He’s now around 10 months old.

He is still super sweet and all he ever wants is to hang with his peeps. He’s very mellow and just crashes out most of the day. He has a new thing where he likes us to chase him throughout the house in circles when he has his shark toy in his mouth. It’s hilarious!

We haven’t seen any signs of aggression in him whatsoever except a couple times when a cat wandered too close to a particular treat he was eating. When the doorbell rings he just wants to meet and play with whoever is there. Guard dog potential? I’m thinking no. 😉


Written by Kelly
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