Parker inside

Three and a half weeks into Parker’s new life with us and I’m thinking, damn we scored! And he did too. 🙂

Parker is turning out to be such a great pup! Really he’s incredibly mellow for his age (now around 8-9 months). All he wants to do is lay near one of his humans and chill out. The only time he really gets super excited on his own is in the early morning after breakfast.

He’s been doing really good with his training and he LOVES going to doggie daycare. He has a girlfriend there, a young Golden Lab named Susie. He comes home absolutely exhausted and sleeps in the 3 minute car ride home.

Speaking of car rides, this dog is the only dog I ever met who sleeps 99% of the time in the car. But just a couple days ago he finally stood up and discovered looking out the window!

He’s slowly coming out of his shell and gaining more confidence. He doesn’t whimper as much when left alone, but definitely still has some separation anxiety. We haven’t left him alone for more than 3 or 4 hours yet, but at least he doesn’t destroy things or bark (that we know of) when we are gone.

Another confidence issue is he still hasn’t marked or gone to the bathroom in public. Kind of strange having a dog that doesn’t do that, but I’m sure he will start eventually. He doesn’t lift his leg yet when peeing, my vet says he needs another male dog to show him the ropes. Hopefully at daycare he will see some of that.

Parker inside with bone on floor

Oh and guess what else? Our veterinarian talked to the orthopedic vet and he doesn’t need any surgery on his hip now. As long as he runs, plays and walks ok, he should be fine, for now at least. We are very happy about that.

He is such a friendly boy also, he loves everyone he’s met and is always nice with other dogs as well. He’s mellowed out a lot around the cats, isn’t as interested in playing with or chasing them as he was. The cats are tolerating him nicely too, and Sammy even now attempts to rub his face and head all over Parker’s face when he wants dinner, haha! Sammy used to do that with Chase all the time. 🙂

Yesterday he went into the vet for another shot, a microchip and a nail trim. He’s fattened up to 42 pounds, which is good because he was really thin. He now weighs as much as Chase did as an adult!

He’s turning into the sweet awesome dog we hoped we would get and we’re so thankful for that!


Written by Kelly
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