Makeup Geek Pigment

Makeup Geek Pigments are a fairly new item and they come in fifteen super shimmery super pigmented shades.

These pigments come in little pots that are about 2 grams of actual product and absolutely packed. They don’t have a shaker inside so you need to open them carefully. Believe me, I opened one and it was filled to the rim with product and nearly spilling out!

They are talc-free and really soft and easy to work with. Of course since they are loose they are highly prone to fallout so I suggest placing them on over a primer with a finger and tapping rather than sweeping. Also doing your eyes first might be good since you can then wipe away the fallout before doing the rest of your face.

Makeup Geek Pigment-2

Makeup Geek Pigment Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams

Makeup Geek Pigment Afterglow

Makeup Geek Pigment Enchanted

Makeup Geek Pigment Birthday Wish
Birthday Wish

Makeup Geek Pigment Prince Charming
Prince Charming

Makeup Geek Pigment Liquid Gold
Liquid Gold

Makeup Geek Pigment New Years Eve
New Years Eve

Makeup Geek Pigment Utopia

Makeup Geek Pigment Insomnia

Makeup Geek Pigment Paparazzi

Makeup Geek Pigment Swatches
New Years Eve, Afterglow, Sweet Dreams, Birthday Wish

New Years Eve is a light gold with reflective glitter.

Sweet Dreams is a light gold/pink metallic.

Afterglow is a light golden champagne.

Birthday Wish is a coppery peach.

Makeup Geek Pigment Swatches-2
Enchanted, Liquid Gold, Insomnia, Prince Charming

Enchanted is a reddish/plum shimmer. Absolutely stunning this is one of my favorite shades.

Liquid Gold is a VERY INTENSE antique gold metallic. This color is freaking amazing! I would want this even if I never wore it, it’s that cool.

Insomnia is a brown with a teal/blue duochrome. Very pretty and strong effect.

Prince Charming is a light metallic silver.

Makeup Geek Pigment Swatches-3
Paparazzi, Utopia

Paparazzi is a smoked out deep grey with silver glitter.

Utopia is a brown/antique gold glitter. This was the most glittery shade that I tried out.

Overall: There are some really great shades here and the texture of these is really nice. You get a really good value for your buck because these are SO packed in the pots. But that’s also a negative for me, I wish they had a shaker lid because they get really quite messy. The stand-out shades for me are Liquid Gold, Enchanted, Insomnia and Sweet Dreams.

Availability: Makeup Geek.

Pricing: $6.99.

How are you feeling about these shades? See any here you are dying to try?


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Written by Kelly
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