Duri Insidious Chapter 2

Duri Insidious: Chapter 2 is a new and exclusive collection to celebrate the horror series and the sequel to Insidious.

Ok here is where I tell you that I haven’t seen either this movie or the first one. And it’s not because I’m scared to. Actually I am scared to in a way – I’m scared they won’t be good! I can’t think of a good horror movie I have seen since The Blair Witch Project came out in theaters. Seriously I am of the mind that horror movies have basically sucked since the mid 90’s. None scare me. They are all the same thing. They just don’t have that creepy film look to them that say Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th and Halloween movies did. And don’t even get me started on all the awful re-makes, folks.

I could go on all day about this subject since I am a big horror movie buff. But let’s move onto the nail swatches shall we?

Duri Lady In White

Lady in White is a lightly shimmered clean white. It’s a bit streaky, but not too bad if you are careful. I did need three coats to get opacity.

Duri Steel Shadows

Steel Shadows is a dark metallic grey. Gorgeous buttery formula, just one coat nearly completely covered my nails, but I used two.

Duri Shocking Twist

Shocking Twist is a bright lime green creme. Another really excellent formula, it was smooth and opaque in just two thin coats. Love these lime green/yellow weird shades.

Duri Red Door

Red Door is a medium blood red with a creme/jelly-like formula. Even with three thin coats you can see my nail line, but it’s very shiny!

Duri Nightfall

Nightfall is a deep blackened blue with light blue shimmer. Nice formula, it covered perfectly in two coats.

Duri Into The Further

Into the Further is a jet black creme. Just two coats is all you need, this one covers really evenly and nicely.

Duri Insidious Chapter 2 Collage

Overall: From what I can tell, the collection seems to go along nicely with the movie’s theme. I have been saying for many years now how great Duri’s formula is and it still applies. I loved Shocking Twist, Lady in White and SteelĀ  Shadows the most of these shades.

Availability: Duri.

Pricing: $6.00.

Which of these will be coming home with you? Are you a horror movie fan?


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Written by Kelly
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