CND Vinylux

CND Vinylux is a fairly new weekly polish system that comes in 62 different shades.

What is Vinylux? Well it’s a nail system that contains just two steps. The first one is a self-adhering Color Coat, which eliminates the need for a base coat. It also includes a Weekly Top Coat that uses prolight technology, which allows for increased durability with exposure to normal lighting and prevents yellowing. These together are supposed to create a chip-free manicure that lasts 7 days. You remove it with an acetone based remover and it comes off easy as pie!

But the issue for me was, it came off easy as pie even without the remover…

CND Vinylux Overtly Onyx
Overtly Onyx (Day 1)

CND Vinylux Overtly Onyx-3
Overtly Onyx (Day 2)

CND Vinylux Overtly Onyx-2
Overtly Onyx (Day 2)

I had a few shades to test out but the one that appealed to me the most was Overtly Onyx, a deep charcoal shimmery grey.

I did just as the instructions said and applied no base coat. I applied two thin coats of Overtly Onyx and then the Weekly Top Coat over it.

The first day it did nicely, no chips, no wear. The one thing I did notice was the Weekly Top Coat wasn’t especially shiny to me. I am used to a really high-shine finish like Nubar Diamont so I didn’t love that about it. It did dry quickly, but again not quite as quickly as a quick dry top coat does.

24 hours after applying it however I already started seeing lots of tip wear. By the end of day 2 I had to remove it because it bugged me so much. I cannot stand any tip wear so for me it needed to come off.

It does remove super easily like any other polish.

I have heard from people that the wear can depend on the shade but for me this was a bust. It’s not especially shocking for me that it didn’t last more than a day with no tip wear because that’s rather frequent for me. But the level of wear was a bit more than with other polishes in general. For a polish that should last 7 days that’s a bit disappointing!

Overall: Judging just by this shade alone I’m not much of a fan. I felt the Weekly Top Coat wasn’t shiny enough and the wear for a long-wearing system just wasn’t up to snuff.

Availability: CND, salons.

Pricing: $9.90 for color and/or Weekly Top Coat.

Have you tried this yet? What were your results?


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Written by Kelly
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