Parker in Garage

Parker had his first session of doggie training yesterday with us and a local trainer. It went really well, he catches on quickly and is submissive, so he follows our lead rather easily it seems.

He seems to be nicely adjusted to our house and his yard now. He definitely has some separation anxiety when he can’t see one of his people, which is common for rescue dogs I hear. He’s the kind of fella that likes to be RIGHT next to us or underfoot at all times. We’re trying to work on this and he has been by himself in the yard for a couple hours and didn’t destroy anything. Though he does seem to like digging a little bit. And eating dirt. Then vomiting up dirt. Good times.

He went to the dog park for the first time yesterday and played for about an hour with many dogs. He had a blast! He was completely exhausted the rest of the day, which is how I like him best, haha.

Tomorrow we go check out the doggie daycare run by the same person who is training him. I think he’s going to love being around other dogs so much since the cats won’t give him the time of day. I’m hoping doggie daycare will wear him out so much he will start ignoring the cats more. He isn’t rough with them or aggressive at all, but he still wants to play and herd them and they are not fans.

Chewy on Dog Bed

Chewy decided he loves the new dog bed and claimed it for himself when Parker isn’t on it. This is so typical. We have three cat beds, none of which Chewy has gotten in in about 7 years and NOW he decides he wants a gigantic dog bed!

But he’s not getting his own Kong. 😉


Written by Kelly
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