Zoya Collection


Returning to my collection series, today I’ve got my Zoya nail polish collection posted for ya.

This is actually almost as big as my OPI collection at 226 bottles (5 are not shown which I only discovered I missed after I already put them back). That kind of surprised me that it was nearly as large. I think because the bottles are smaller and take up less space I thought I had much less.

Also this time we (my step-daughter arranged them) managed to get them in a more even rainbow-like look. 🙂

Zoya Collection-2

Zoya Collection-3

It’s pretty heavy on the pinks and reds!

Zoya Collection-4

Zoya Collection-5

Zoya Collection-6

There are also a huge amount of purples in here.

Zoya Collection-7

Yay for lots of blues, greens and greys!

Zoya Collection-8

Light on the nudes, which is a good thing if you ask me.

Some of my favorite Zoya shades include Kelly (not just because of the name, but that doesn’t hurt), Chita, Lotus, Tru, Skylar, Robyn, Neeka, Yara, Gemma, Edtya, Adina and Kalista. Wow that’s a lot!

What are your favorite Zoya shades?


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Written by Kelly
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