Estee Lauder The Metallics

Estee Lauder The Metallics is a new Pure Color Collection by Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director for the brand. And hot damn if I don’t keep typing “The Metallica” by accident!

This collection includes eight new limited edition Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquers, eight new limited edition Pure Color Instant Intense Eyeshadow Trios, twelve new (six are limited edition) Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquers and six new limited edition Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipsticks.

In this post I am covering the new nail shades, but never fear, I shall post soon about the other items above.

“The evolution of heavy metal reaches nails in a unique brushed, reflective finish with the NEW Limited Edition Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquer. Born out of a fusion of refined pearls and aluminum platelets, this new high-impact finish saturates nails in a flash richly pigmented chromatic color. The multi-faceted spectrum of color-enriched metalized shades range from dusty rose gold to smokey deep platinum, creating a new dimension of confident style and expressive attitude.”

I must say these are some of the most incredibly pigmented nail shades I have ever used. I used one coat for every single swatch here except the first. And I only did two of that one to see if it made any difference. It didn’t. They are extremely opaque. They are also incredibly metallic. The downside is that they show every single ridge and flaw on your nails! Ack.

Estee Lauder The Metallics-2

Estee Lauder The Metallics-3

Estee Lauder The Metallics-4

Estee Lauder Brushed Gold

Brushed Gold is an intense C3PO gold. This is the only one I used two coats on because I wanted to see if it added anything “more”, which it didn’t. These aren’t really brush-stroke-y at all, the lines you see are my ridges. As mentioned above these really show every flaw, so lightly buffing your nails before-hand and using a ridge filling top coat might help. No top coat here.

Estee Lauder Rose Gold

Rose Gold is a warm coppery/rose gold. Very pretty shade. It’s a little more copper and intense than most other rose gold shades I’ve seen lately. This is one coat and no top coat.

Estee Lauder Chocolate Foil

Chocolate Foil is a medium chocolate brown with slight pink hints. For this one I decided to try a top coat to see how it looks. Much better! Still very metallic but the ridges look slightly more evened out. This is one coat.

Estee Lauder Smoked Chrome

Smoked Chrome is a deep smoky grey. Again I used one coat and a top coat here.

Estee Lauder Metallic Green

Metallic Green (not the most original name) is a medium cool-toned green. This is one coat with top coat.

Estee Lauder Midnight Metal

Midnight Metal \m/ \m/ is an intense medium blue. It’s bright yet still deep. This is one coat with top coat.

Estee Lauder The Metallics Nail Lacquer Collage

Overall: Well if you love metallic nail shades, these are some of the most opaque metallic ones I have seen! I am really impressed by the coverage, but don’t love how they highlight my nail ridges.

Availability: This month at Estee Lauder online, counters and Nordstrom.

Pricing: $20.00.

Are you loving any of these enough to bite the bullet?


Note: Not cruelty free

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Written by Kelly
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