Jordana Blush Powder

Jordana Powder Blush is new and comes in twelve bright fun shades.

These soft velvet-like blushes are super soft and really nicely pigmented. They come in more natural subdued shades as well as some super bright cheery ones.

They come in little silver mirrored compacts with a screw-off lid. Hmm that sounds bad, doesn’t it? The lids screw off? Nah. The lids come undone by slowly unscrewing them. Howabout the tops come off with a screw-like mechanism?

You get the point.

Jordana Powder Blushes

Jordana Blush Powder-2

Jordana Blush Powder-3
Clockwise: Pink Beauty, Passion Rose, Apple Cheeks

I think I made this look like Mickey Mouse unconsciously. 🙂

Jordana Blush Powder Swatches-2
Pink Beauty, Apple Cheeks, Passion Rose

Pink Beauty is a bright cool-toned pink.

Apple Cheeks is a bright coral/red shade.

Passion Rose is a subtle light pink.

Jordana Blush Powder-4
Clockwise: Hot Raspberry, Peach Blossom, Coral Radiance

Jordana Blush Powder Swatches
Hot Raspberry, Coral Radiance, Peach Blossom

Hot Raspberry is an intense raspberry pink shade.

Coral Radiance is a peachy/coral shade.

Peach Blossom is a pale peach.

Overall: All of these have a really nice texture, very velvety and soft. They might look a little chalky on the hand swatches but they actually blend out really nicely on the cheeks. They are all nicely pigmented and the bright ones are VERY pigmented so use a light touch! I do wish the lids were an attached flip-top style because it would just make things easier. For the price, these are excellent!

Availability: Sold online at Jordana only.

Pricing: $2.49 for 0.8 oz.

See any shades here that tempt you?


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Written by Kelly
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