Barielle Brilliant Colors Collection

What up party people? Hope your Friday is going swimmingly thus far. I’m so glad it’s Friday aren’t you? It’s been a long hellishly hot week in the Bay Area this week. And by hot I don’t mean 78 degrees. Most people think San Francisco/Bay Area peeps are weather wimps (and we kinda are when it comes to cold weather) but I mean 95-100 at my house. Blech! I love me some hot weather but let’s try keeping it around 80-85 ok?

Speaking of hotness the new Barielle Brilliant Colors Collection for summer 2013 features five new hot creme shades. It’s been a really long time since I reviewed Barielle. Maybe even three years?! They kind of fell off my radar but I think they are making somewhat of a comeback now.

The formula of these five was really, really good. Their cremes are really thick, but not in a bad way. They cover like a dream and you only need one to two coats. Fabulous!

Barielle Brilliant Colors Collection-2

Barielle Straight A Coral

Straight A Coral is a bright coral creme. This one looks so ordinary in the bottle and leans more towards pink. But on the nails wow it’s a stunner, and much more coral looking. One of my favs here.

Barielle High Marks Purple

High Marks Purple is a medium pink/purple creme. A kind of berry shade. It’s not super bright but not dull or muted necessarily either. It seems like it would fit in nicely with a fall collection.

Barielle Smarty Pants Pink

Smarty Pants Pink is a blue-based baby pink creme. Usually these shades are a streaky nightmare for me but not this one. Two coats is all you need.

Barielle Magna Cum Laude Turquoise

Magna Cum Laude Turquoise is a bright sky blue. It’s so pretty and intense in person. You may notice my cuticle area looks a bit…green? That’s because before this one I swatched the next one, which stains, so beware!

Barielle Head Of The Glass Green

Head Of The Class Green is a slightly dusty medium green creme. I am in love with this shade because it’s not grass, not turquoise, not jade, not mint, not emerald, etc. It’s unique and has an excellent formula. But it stains like a mo-fo even with it on my nails for just 5 minutes! Worth it though. 😉

Barielle Brilliant Colors Collection Collage

Overall: I am happy to have Barielle back on my radar because they really do have great polishes. I think the stand-out shades here are Straight A Coral and Head Of The Class Green. All of these were just two coats because of the fabulous thick finish.

Availability: Barielle’s website.

Pricing: $25.00 for all five or $8.00 each.

When is the last time you bought a Barielle shade? See anything here you like?


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Written by Kelly
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