Anna Sui Nail Color

These Anna Sui Nail Color shades just might be contained in the cutest bottles ever! Actually that isn’t true but I can’t tell you why yet. 😉 But guess what else? These are rose scented!

These cute little polished ladies come in small 0.27 oz bottles with a black lacquered dress sitting atop their glass ruffled skirts. The whole black top unscrews off and attached is the wand. You might think this would be rather awkward to hold and apply nail polish with but it’s actually not bad at all. The bottles remind me a bit of the Nfu Oh ones, but they are definitely different.

She currently has about seventeen shades, a gel top coat and various nail stickers. This is my first experience with Anna Sui anything I believe! I don’t know why I never tried anything out before, I guess maybe because it’s not super accessible in person.

So what did I think about these?

Anna Sui Nail Color-2
905, 803, 100

Anna Sui Nail Color 905

905 is a pale muted mint green creme. This shade is so pretty and I love the kind of greyed out color of it, but it definitely gave me “lobster hands” that mint greens do sometimes. The formula is really thin and a bit sheer so three coats over a primer is a must. I didn’t use a primer here which is why it’s a bit streakier than it is with one. Maybe I was too busy sniffing it to remember…

Anna Sui Nail Color 803

803 is a medium bright yellow creme. It’s kind of a neutral yellow and actually nowhere near as streaky as 905 was. For a yellow I was rather impressed with the coverage. This was three coats over a primer.

Anna Sui Nail Color 100

100 is a blue/green teal with green and yellow shimmer. Ok this one hands down wins of these three. The formula was thicker and flowed more evenly with this shade. I only needed two coats over a primer for full coverage. It’s such a pretty shade, the shimmer is perfect.

Anna Sui Nail Color Collage

Overall: As far as colors themselves I really liked all three of these. In terms of formula the best was 100, then 803 then 905. In terms of the bottles, what’s not to love? Ok they are definitely small and expensive for the amount, but they are pretty special, no? Think of them as your “dress up” nail polish shades just like you have more expensive dress up shoes or a bag maybe. If you hate the scent of rose though you won’t like these because it’s definitely there once they dry!

Availability: Beautylish.

Pricing: $15.00 for 0.27 oz.

Have you ever tried any Anna Sui Nail Colors? Any of these shades tempt you?


Note: Undetermined if cruelty free

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Written by Kelly
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