MAC All About Orange

MAC All About Orange is a new limited edition collection for summer 2013.

Isn’t orange just perfection lately? I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with all things coral, orange and peach lately. It has basically replaced pink as my go-to shade for nails, lips and cheeks for the last couple months. If you would have asked me if I loved orange 5 years ago I would have said absolutely not, it’s one of my least favorite shades. Now I heart it!

All About Orange is a small collection featuring seven Lipsticks (Razzledazzler, Sweet & Sour, Tangerine Dream, Flamingo, Sushi Kiss, Tart & Trendy and Neon Orange), three Cremesheen Glasses (Double Happiness, Imperial Light and Rising Sun), an Eye Shadow x 4 (Rainy Season), three Powder Blushes (Honey Jasmine, Royal Sunset and Immortal Flower) and five Nail Lacquers (Ke Ai, Sweet Pop, Colour Punch, Fiestaware and Moragne).

MAC Colour Punch Nail Lacquer
Colour Punch ($16)

MAC Double Happiness Cremesheen Glass
Double Happiness ($20)

MAC Immortal Flower Powder Blush
Immortal Flower ($21)

MAC Sweet and Sour and Neon Orange Lipstick
Sweet & Sour, Neon Orange ($15)

MAC Colour Punch
Colour Punch

Colour Punch is a yellow/orange creme. I definitely thought this was going to be one of the very few shades I cannot wear. Normally yellow oranges clash with my skin tone, but I was pleasantly surprised with how nice this shade is on me. The formula is a bit streaky as with most MAC creme nail lacquers, but three thin coats and a top coat smoothed it out nicely. I rather like this one!

MAC All About Orange Swatches
Immortal Flower, Double Happiness, Sweet & Sour, Neon Orange

Immortal Flower Powder Blush is a soft peach shade. It’s a bit light and kind of sheer but you can build it up a bit.

Double Happiness Cremesheen Glass is a frosty light peach/pink shade. Not a ton of color for me since my lips are fairly pigmented.

Sweet & Sour is a pale peach cremesheen. It’s a bit too “lip-line-y” for me.

Neon Orange is a amplified bright orange and one I have loved for awhile. Gorgeous.

MAC Double Happiness
Double Happiness

MAC Sweet & Sour
Sweet & Sour

MAC Neon Orange
Neon Orange

Overall: I suspect a lot of us are heavily into orange lately so I think a lot of people will find something to love here. I wish I could have checked out more of the lipstick shades because I think there are probably some other amazing shades here! I highly recommend Neon Orange especially but I also really liked Colour Punch.

Availability: MAC until July 22nd.

Do you see anything here you like or did you pick up anything else from this collection? Are you loving orange this season as much as me?


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Written by Kelly
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