KB Shimmer Summer 2013

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Perhaps you have heard of KB Shimmer Nail Polish? I had been hearing about it and seeing amazing swatches of the shades for awhile when I decided I needed to jump on this bandwagon. So today I’ve got six of the nine shades from the KB Shimmer Summer 2013 Collection.

Here is something I love right off the bat from the brand. They came with some instructions on how to apply some of the more “difficult” shades. I really appreciate this because sometimes you just can’t get a shade to look nice because oh say it has a satin finish and is supposed to dry matte but you don’t know that. It’s not always totally obvious how every nail polish finish should be just from applying it.

KB Shimmer Summer 2013-2
24 Carrot Bold, Don’t Pink Twice, Pimp My Pride

KB Shimmer Summer 2013-3
What’s Your Damage? Totally Tubular, It’s Razz-ical

KB Shimmer 24 Carrot Bold
24 Carrot Bold

24 Carrot Bold is a super bright orange with small gold flakes inside. This one has a satin finish, so it dries matte and satiny. It’s such a pretty summery shade and I love that it’s a satin finish actually – it makes it more interesting. Of course you can add a top coat for added shine if you want. This had a great formula, thick but easy to work with and just two coats covers nicely.

t Pink Twice
Don’t Pink Twice

Don’t Pink Twice is a very bright magenta pink with micro blue flakes inside. This is another one that has the satin finish. I love this shade, SO bright and the blue flakes are very pretty with it. I am wearing this right now on my toes, but I added a top coat, which makes the shimmer come out more. Excellent formula, just two coats.

s Razz-ical
It’s Razz-ical

It’s Razz-ical is a raspberry purple/red jelly with holographic hex glitter in various shades and sizes. Super sparkly and pretty! It’s a jelly but it covers pretty well with 2-3 coats.

KB Shimmer Pimp My Pride
Pimp My Pride

Pimp My Pride has a milky white base and includes blue and red small, medium and large hex glitter and micro slice glitter. The instructions helped a lot with this one, she suggested using it over one coat of a white, which I did. That helped with getting the white even and really opaque. Then I used two thin coats of Pimp My Pride over the white base and it came out great. The larger chunks do want to move around a little, so work slowly. Everything was nice and flat though, which was good. Love this one, it’s perfect for the 4th of July.

s Your Damage?
What’s Your Damage?

What’s Your Damage? is another one with a white base and glitter, so again I painted on one coat of white first. It has very large neon pink and green hex glitter as well as other pieces and some black round, hex and irregular shaped pieces. Same thing with the larger pieces, work slowly as they tend to move. I was rather impressed with how easy it was to get all the sizes out of the bottle and onto the nail. I just shook a little and everything came out. I didn’t have to break my arm shaking it up. This was two coats over white. Very 80’s!

KB Shimmer Totally Tubular
Totally Tubular

Totally Tubular is a teal blue base with fuchsia, purple and blue glitter in various sizes and shapes. This one covered really nicely in just two coats and I got a good amount of all the glitter with just two coats. Cool shade!

KB Shimmer Summer 2013 Collage

Overall: My first impression is…great! The formula with these was impressive and they all worked out for me with no real issues at all. The shades are all unique and fun. For chunky glitters I really like Pimp My Pride and What’s Your Damage? especially. They look great over a base white coat and I love the size and color combinations of the glitter.

Availability: Harlow and Co and KB Shimmer.

Pricing: $8.75-$9.00 for 0.5 oz.

Have you tried anything from KB Shimmer? Anything here you love?


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