Shimmer Polish

Ladies and gents, today I’ve got some Shimmer Polish swatches for ya!

Shimmer Polish is an indie brand with quite a range of super glittery shades. Each polish is named after someone the creator knows personally. There are some pretty complex glitters here, each filled with tons and tons of sparkle, shapes and sizes. Some have clear bases, some are more full coverage with colored bases.

I found the formula with these to be really nice. You don’t have to shake them for a billion years to get them mixed up. You get a good amount of glitter with every coat, and it doesn’t move around or create blank spots with each coat. Most were three thin coats for me because my nail tips are always the hardest to get covered with glitters.

I’ve got quite a few of them so this is just part I for now!

Shimmer Polish-2

Shimmer Polish-3

Shimmer Polish-4

Shimmer Polish-5

Shimmer Polish Crystal

Crystal has a light brown/orange base and is filled with copper, bronze and iridescent glitter. What you wind up seeing is a lot of gold, bronze, green and copper. I really like this combo because I’m a huge bronze and copper fan.

Shimmer Polish Crystal-2

Shimmer Polish Kelly

Kelly has a light green base and green and gold glitter in various sizes. Glad I like this one since it’s named Kelly!

Shimmer Polish Kelly-2

Shimmer Polish Marilyn

Marilyn has a rich red base and red glitter. It’s more of a jelly/glitter. It reminds me of a brighter, lighter version of one of the shades I created with BB Couture called Napa Valley Red. It’s super sparkly and absolutely stunning. This was two coats.

Shimmer Polish Marilyn-2

Shimmer Polish Tricia

Tricia has a light orange base and is packed with orange, gold and blue glitter.

Shimmer Polish Tricia-2

Shimmer Polish Nichole

Nichole has a clear base and features red, silver and blue glitter. This is a 4th of July shade if ever there was one!

Shimmer Polish Nichole-2

Shimmer Polish Sarah

Sarah has a light blue/green base and features teal, blue and purple glitter. The overall effect is very mermaid-esque, which I like.

Shimmer Polish Sarah-2

Shimmer Polish Collage

Overall: I will admit I am not the biggest glitter nail polish fan on earth, but I liked most of these. I prefer ones with colored bases because I like my glitters to COVER without having to layer sometimes. I like that they’re fairly easy to apply and have interesting color combos in them. My favorites here were Marilyn, Crystal and Kelly.

Availability: Shimmer Polish (she does ship international also).

Pricing: $12.00.

Have you tried any from Shimmer Polish yet?


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Written by Kelly
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