Orly Mash Up

Orly Mash Up for Summer 2013 is literally just that. A mash up of colors and finishes. There isn’t anything necessarily “cohesive” about this collection except it’s all very different. And I like it!

Cremes with iridescent shimmer, deep jewel-toned chrome, holographic glitter, screaming neon. This collection has it all!

Orly Mash Up-2

Orly Mash Up-3

Orly Pretty-Ugly

Pretty-Ugly is a pale blue with iridescent purple shimmer. There is nothing ugly about this one, except maybe the streaks I had to deal with. The formula is a little on the thick, yet patchy side. But the color is so damn pretty. It looks a billion times better in real life. I used three thin coats here.

Orly Harmonious Mess
Harmonious Mess

Harmonious Mess is a slightly greyed out lavender creme. This had a nice thick formula, not a streak or issue in sight. Not the most unique shade ever, but still nice. This was two coats.

Orly Choreographed Chaos
Choreographed Chaos

Choreographed Chaos is a bubblegum pink with iridescent purple and blue shimmer.  This pink is really quite bright and will dry matte without a top coat. It is a little bit streaky but maybe not quite as much as Pretty-Ugly. Either way it’s a pretty shade and one of my favs. This was three thin coats.

Orly Mayhem Mentality
Mayhem Mentality

Mayhem Mentality is a SCREAMING neon orange creme. I mean this sucker is so bright it’s hard to look at. Great formula though, easy as pie to apply and just two coats. Love it.

Orly Sparkling Garbage
Sparkling Garbage

Sparkling Garbage has a pale murky green base and tons of holographic glitter. I really wanted this to cover better than it but, but alas, after three coats there is visible nail showing through. It would make a nice layering shade though. It’s super holographic!

Orly Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster is a bright, rich magenta chrome shimmer. Wow. This is one I expected to like the least just from the bottle, but it would up being one of my favorites once it was on. It’s such a rich glowy shade. Work slowly with applying because it tends to want to be brush-stroke-y a bit. This is just two coats and it covered great.

Orly Mash Up Collage

Overall: I like that this collection isn’t predictable at all. It’s not filled with only neons, or only bright cremes. There is a shade and finish for everyone. My favorites are Pretty-Ugly, Choreographed Chaos, Mayhem Mentality and Beautiful Disaster.

Availability: This month.

Pricing: $8.50.

What do you think about Mash Up? Will you be picking any of these up?


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Written by Kelly
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