Zoya Stunning

Zoya Stunning for summer 2013 features six bright, juicy new shades.

While they all look like cremes, four of them actually have nice hidden shimmer. I am totally in love with the way these all look together in the bottles. Quintessential summer!

Zoya Stunning Collection

Zoya Darcy

Darcy is a bright sunny yellow creme with hidden yellow shimmer. This yellow is on the warmer side and is a wee bit streaky, but not too bad after three thin coats. It borders on being too warm/orange for me, as I can only pull off certain yellow shades, but I *think* it works still.

Zoya Thandie

Thandie is a bright orange creme with hidden silver shimmer. This shade is stunning. It’s bright, kind of coral looking and so rich. This was just two coats.

Zoya Micky

Micky is what they classify as a coral creme but I call a medium pink with hidden silver shimmer. It was a wee bit streaky with just two coats. Work slowly to try and avoid as many streaks as you can. Three coats would probably work best here.

Zoya Rocky

Rocky is a sky blue creme. Pretty shade, no hidden shimmer here though. It a tiny bit streaky on a few of my more heavily ridged areas of my nails (argh)! I used two coats here, which mostly completely covered.

Zoya Josie

Josie is a bright grass green creme with no shimmer. I love this shade. It’s super clean and fun. This was two coats, nice coverage.

Zoya Yana

Yana is a reddish pink with hidden shimmer. This is a really great bright shade and really nice coverage with just two coats.

Zoya Stunning Collage

Overall: Fun collection, very appropriate for summer. I love the ones with the hidden shimmer, but really like Josie as well. I think the one that I am most attracted to is Thandie, because I am SO into amazing oranges and corals right now. Mmmm I even love the way Thandie and Josie look together…

Availability: Zoya.

Pricing: $8.00.

What do you think of Stunning? Anything here you will be picking up?



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Written by Kelly
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